Nutone Central Vacuum System Components

Nutone Central Vacuum Systems That Will Actually Make Your Life Better

NuTone Central Vacuum System is considered to be one of the most powerful and silent cleaning systems, providing a lot of benefits to its users. This vacuum system assists in floor cleaning as well as air quality improvement. It ensures a fast, silent and effective way to get rid of dust and allergens, all while cleaning entire home surfaces.  

Central Vacuum System Series

The NuTone Company offers two types of vacuum cleaners:

Bag Filtration Vacuum Cleaners

This type of vacuum cleaner is equipped with a special dust bag that is easy to be removed, making it easy to replace it with a new one—there is no need to clean a filter. The front panel provides quick and easy access to the dust bag, simplifying the cleaning process. The bag filtration vacuum cleaners are divided into the VX Series and CV Series. CV models are more compact and can serve up to 2,000 square feet of home space.

Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaners

This type of vacuum cleaners is represented by the VX Series and is equipped with a cyclonic filter. Such filter is easy to clean through a small tap located on the top of the filter. These vacuum cleaners are handy enough in the daily household usage.

Arias for Cleaning

NuTone central vacuum systems are suitable for cleaning various areas and surfaces.

Family Rooms

This is one of the most important rooms in the house. It should be thoroughly cleaned and protected from dust and debris. NuTone vacuum systems perform 5-20 times better cleaning than a simple conventional vacuum cleaner.


This area is considered to be one of the messiest rooms in the entire house. The cleaning performed by the NuTone vacuum systems will easily get rid of all hard to pick up debris and allow the homeowners to concentrate on the creative cooking process rather than on a cleaning routine.


NuTone central vacuum systems are equipped with special devices used for cleaning garages, cars and utility areas. The specifically designed cleaning kits include extra coverage accessories, crush proof hoses, and crevice access.


Such additional devices as a lightweight hose and turbine brush enable an easy maneuvering up and down the staircases and deep steps cleaning.


Using the upholstery tools included into the complete set of a NuTone central vacuum system, it is possible to present a fresh revival to the home furniture. You can easily dispose of the daily mess that accumulates on the furniture surfaces without damaging the materials.   

The NuTone central vacuum systems are intended to protect your home from dust, dirt, animal dander and pollen. They can easily cope with wooden, carpet and tile surfaces saving it from scratches and other damages. The main benefits of these smart home appliances include sufficient durability, noiseless performance, convenient usage and the easy process of installation and maintenance.

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