4 Popular Models Revieiw of PowerStar central vacuum systems

The PowerStar Company has been designing and producing central vacuum systems for more than 50 years. The motors used for the PowerStar vacuum systems are also manufactured in the United States. PowerStar products are widely popular due to their uncompromising quality and perfect performance.

Popular Models



Thу most compact serie is small but powerful. It’s capable of cleaning homes up to 3,000 square feet. With its rugged all-steel upper cylinder construction, the Powerstar PS405 is designed to last for years.


PowerStar central vacuum PS505

This vacuum system has been designed to suit houses up to 4,000 square feet in size in addition to condominiums. Its total dirt capacity consists of 4 gallons. It is equipped with a thru flow soundproof motor and Aller-X Micro electrostatic filter bags. The life span of this model is prolonged with the help of a steel powder coated tank, and a 58 decibel rating ensures a fairly silent performance.


PS705 central vacuum systems refer to the middle-sized vacuum systems and can meet the requirements of a 7,000 square feet house or a condo. This model possesses all the benefits provided by the 705 series including Teflon HEPA filter design and improved 66 decibel rating.  


PS805 central vacuum system can serve large houses of up to 12,000 square feet and provides the maximum dirt capacity of 7 gallons. This model is incorporated with an American made 2-Stage By-Pass Soundproof 120 volts motor DOMEL and possesses the highest 69 decibel rating.

Home Size30004000700012000
Suction Power (water lift)110138140137
Air Watts500550600640
Air Flow (CFM)120122125126
Motor Stages2222
FiltrationBags and FiltersBags and FiltersFilter or Bag OptionBags and Filters
Utility Inletnoyesyesyes
Motor Protectionyesyesyesyes
Dirt Capacity4 Gallons4 Gallons4 Gallons7 Gallons
Warranty3 years5 Year5 Years 5 Years

PowerStar Advantages

Convenient and Simple Usage

These devices are compact in size and construction design. They are easy to be moved from one room into another. Each machine also comes with a clear and concise user manual. The operation principal is quite simple and available for any homeowner.

Eco-Friendly Technology

The PowerStar machines are produced with a state of the art technology implementation. They sufficiently eliminate indoor air pollutants cleaning your home from dust, dirt and pollens. These central vacuum systems provide a healthy and clean way of life for all their owners.

Silent Workflow

The PowerStar vacuum cleaning devices ensure a totally soundproof performance making the process of home cleaning noiseless and enjoyable.

Powerful Motor

All PowerStar central vacuum systems are equipped with powerful American made motors that are made of stainless steel, have long life span, rugged durability, and are totally rust free.

HEPA Filtration System

The PowerStar central vacuum systems provide a 99.97% cleaning efficiency eliminating even 0.03 micron sized contaminants. An Aller-X Micro Electrostatic HEPA filter bag usage ensures a 100% elimination of mold, mildew, all kinds of allergens, spores, and different small home insects like spiders, bugs and mites. These cleaning machines are recommended for people suffering from asthma or dust allergies.