5 Things to Know About Stone Bathroom Sinks

The huge variety of bathroom sinks allows the purchasers to choose not only from diverse styles and colors, but materials, too. While a white porcelain sink is the most often met type of the bathroom sink, lots of homeowners choose a stone model for their bathroom nowadays. These sinks, just like any other sink type, have their own advantages and disadvantages, which are listed in this article.

#1 Stone Bathroom Sink: Types

There are two types of the stone bathroom sinks. The solid models are made of one piece of stone; and the composite sinks are constructed of a few pieces, sometimes with the addition of some other materials. The information in this article is only related to the solid stone sinks.

#2 Stone Bathroom Sink: Advantages

The most important advantage is the incredible durability of the stone bathroom sinks. Such materials as granite and marble boast excellent solidness, which lets their users not to fear dropping a toothbrush glass or soapdish, as these sinks easily withdraw it without any harm. Another benefit is the splendid looks, which are only provided by stone sinks.

The drawbacks are not very numerous. The most significant of them is the high price. Another one is the possibility of chipping the sink in case a really heavy object drops on it. Still, the chips are easily restored by professionals. Stone surfaces also require special care, but it only consists in using special cleansers.

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#3 Can A Bathroom Sink Raise Homeowner’s Status?

It might seem like a bathroom sink is nothing but an interior element, which does not represent the homeowner in any way, but this is not true. A solid granite sink indicates particular class and style of its owner. Installing a granite bathroom sink can easily raise one’s reputation and status among the friends and acquaintances. But are the advantages of granite sinks that make them so significant?

#4 Durability

Granite sinks generally fall into two types, solid and composite. The first type includes those sinks that are made of one piece of stone, and the second consists of the models constructed with the help of some other materials. Whichever type is chosen, it still ensures the highest possible durability of the sink, as it is capable of withstanding any impact resulting from everyday use. With a granite bathroom sink a homeowner can forget about scratches or dents forever.

#5 Variety

Granite bathroom sinks presented in the market come in a huge diversity of colors and styles. That means that a granite sink ensures the uniqueness of a bathroom the way no other sink does.

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