Contributor – automotive enthusiast is seeking an experienced automotive enthusiast to write reviews and guides about car heaters, RV heaters, and related products. This is a freelance, remote position.


  • Research and review various types of car heaters, engine heaters, parking heaters, including portable heaters, 12V heaters, diesel heaters, etc. Provide detailed pros/cons, cost analysis, power ratings, and recommendations.
  • Write comprehensive buying guides for consumers to help them select the right automotive or RV heater for their needs and budget.
  • Review and compare specific car and RV heater models and brands. Provide ratings and rankings.
  • Write guides about automotive heating topics like installing heaters, maintenance, troubleshooting issues, understanding wiring systems, etc.
  • Evaluate new automotive heating tools, gadgets, and products as they come to market.
  • Meet deadlines for completing and submitting articles.


  • 5+ years experience with automotive electrical systems, RV maintenance, and heating system repair/installation.
  • Excellent writing skills and ability to explain technical topics clearly for a mainstream consumer audience.
  • Hands-on experience selecting, installing, maintaining, and repairing car and RV heaters.
  • Attention to detail and accuracy in writing product reviews and comparisons.
  • Ability to work independently and conduct necessary research.
  • Photography skills a plus.

This is a freelance, work-from-home position. Compensation is per article, depending on experience. Please submit resume, writing samples, and cover letter to be considered for this contributor role at