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Why Is Everyone Talking About AirVac Central Vacuum Systems?

The AirVac Company has always paid much attention to the innovative technologies and implemented them into their central vacuum systems. That is why their products are so popular nowadays, and can be used both in the commercial sectors and residential areas.

AirVac Central Vacuum Systems Series

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Red Series

These models are equipped with bagless technology and feature high efficiency, advanced indoor air quality, higher capacity level, excellent filtration, and built-in inlet port.

Blue Series

The central vacuum systems of this Series provide the disposable bag technology and feature outstanding cleaning, greater performance, higher level of convenience, advanced indoor air quality, and built-in inlet port.

Tool Kits and Accessories

All the AirVac power units used for the central vacuum systems are equipped with special tool kits. Here are several the most popular tool kits produced by the AirVac Company:

Deluxe Tool Kit

This set combines premium black finish and high-quality horsehair bristles alongside with a stylish cloth caddy for storing and organizing of the tool kit components, which include:

  • Adjustable carpet/floor too
  • Friction-fit wand
  • Button-lock wand
  • Crevice tool
  • Floor/wall tool
  • Upholstery tool with brush
  • Dusting brush

Deluxe Garage/Car Tool Kit

This kit significantly simplifies the process of garage and vehicles cleaning. It is provided with an individual hose and tools, which saves the indoor accessories from getting dirty. It is supplied with black finish and horsehair bristles. The main kit components are the following:

  • 30-foot crushproof hose and rack
  • Two friction-fit ABS plastic wands
  • Dusting brush
  • Upholstery tool with brush
  • Floor/wall tool
  • Crevice too
  • On-board tool caddy

Quick-Care Kit

The Quick-Care kit possesses a portable and lightweight design, which makes the cleaning process more convenient and pleasant. This kit has a black finish and horsehair bristles and features the following components:

  • “Slinky” hose (expands up to 21 feet)
  • Two friction-fit ABS plastic wands
  • Upholstery tool with brush
  • Dusting brush
  • On-board tool caddy
  • Floor/wall tool

AirVac Central Vacuum Systems Benefits

The AirVac central vacuum systems have been intentionally designed to make our life easier and more comfortable. These cleaning household devices can offer a wide range of benefits, such as:

  • Convenient, flexible and lightweight construction
  • A high level of efficiency
  • Versatility in the choice of tools, accessories, sizes and functions
  • Large and powerful motors
  • Longer carpet and furniture life
  • A perfect contribution to the home value
  • 10-year warranty time


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