Commercial Central Vacuum Solutions

Not only can central vacuum systems used within a residential household, it’s perfect for larger commercial and industrial locations. The main functions and the working process remain the same with both models, and the technical characteristics and implemented technologies are ensured by innovative solutions.

Covered Industries

Central vacuum systems can serve a huge variety of industries such as pharmaceutical, manufacturing, food, electronics etc. The list of available applications may include the following positions:

  • General housekeeping
  • Dust extraction
  • Bulk spillage collection
  • Shot blast recovery
  • Fume extraction
  • Specialized liquid collection
  • Pneumatic conveying

Industrial Central Vacuum Solutions

The most famous and much-in-demand solutions offered in the market of
commercial central vacuum cleaner systems could be included into the following list:

  • Safe change vacuum systems
  • Large trailer or truck mounted industrial vacuum systems, which can provide the collection of up to 30 tons per hour
  • Approved Systems implemented for hazardous, explosive dust collection and spillage
  • Ex-Rated Systems
  • Specialized ductwork and vacuum tubing systems
  • Large choice of specialized hose and toolkits

Business Benefits

  • Vacuum cleaning devices are available at the workplace whenever they may be required.
  • A centralized collection point is meant for dust, debris and dirt gathering.
  • A separator system allows an automatic separation of all the problematic waste.
  • Healthy indoor environment that is supported by the noise and dust reduction.
  • A wide range of customized solutions which are intended to satisfy any required specialized applications. In case of a dust or fume issue occurred as a byproduct of the manufacturing process there could be always invented a customized solution to eliminate this problem.
  • Superior suction performance.
  • Cost reducing possibility. Efficiently performed cleaning reduces costs for man hours.
  • All the industrial central vacuum systems are purposefully produced to withstand the all day and every day operating stresses.

Staff Benefits

  • Smartly located inlets provide full coverage of the entire workplace environment. This feature ensures a quick, efficient and convenient method of reacting to any occurred housekeeping issue.
  • Cleaning of problematic waste, such as spillages or broken glass can be performed in a safely and fast manner that prevents the staff from the direct contact with such waste.
  • The vacuum unit is located in a separate area preventing the workplaces from repeated dust re-entering and excessive noise level.

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