The 7 Secrets You Will Never Know About Dirt Devil Central Vacuum

The Dirt Devil Company offers a wide range of central vacuum systems that are ready to keep your home clean and healthy. The central vacuum systems provide its owners with a powerful performance, advanced technologies, quiet operation, convenient usage, and high value level. The list of benefits coming alongside with any of the Dirt Devil vacuum systems is long and impressive.

Super Cleaning Power

Being equipped with a large air flow and powerful motor the Dirt Devil systems are able to pick up the deepest debris, dirt and dust, including the tiny microscopic particles, such as mold and mildew spores, pollen and dust mites. The vacuum systems remove 100% of dirt, dust and microorganisms from your home and do not leave an unpleasant vacuum smell in the air. As a result, homeowners can enjoy fresh and clean home environment every day.

Advanced Indoor Air Quality

In accordance with the latest studies of the University Of California Davis School Of Medicine, the usage of a central vacuum system reduces up to 61% of allergy symptoms. These systems remove 100% of all vacuumed material and provide a crystal-clean and healthy air to the whole family. All these benefits are related to the Dirt Devil green program intended to protect people’s health and improve the surrounding environment.

Convenient and Easy Cleaning

The Dirt Devil vacuum systems are free from heavy equipment and uncomfortable cords. They are fitted out with the lightweight hoses and attachments, which are easy to carry along, and provide fast and efficient cleaning. The quick-clean Vroom and Spot accessories ensure an instant access to vacuum power for life’s daily messes.

Silent Operation

Using a central vacuum system you locate the power station outside the living area, in a basement or a garage premises. As a result, the vacuuming process becomes silent and comfortable. Even a sleeping baby will not notice a vacuum cleaner working inside the room.

Home Value Improving

Being a built-in home appliance equipped with the latest technologies and smart devices, a central vacuum cleaner becomes an excellent selling feature and is able to increase a home resale value up to $1500 or even more.

Easy Installation

A central vacuum system is easy to install in almost any home of various designs and configurations. It will take a professional installer about an hour to complete a full installation process.


The Dirt Devil Company offers a lifetime limited warranty for all the central vacuum system models equipped with cyclonic and disposable bag filtration technologies. The hide-a-hose, vroom and spot devices are provided with 3-year warranty conditions.

All of the Dirt Devils central vacuum systems are made of the best quality and are offered at the lowest prices.



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