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Simple Guidance For You In Electrolux Central Vacuum Systems

Electrolux offers a wide range of convenient and powerful central vacuum systems ready to serve small, medium-sized and large homes and condos of different styles and constructions. The Electrolux central vacuum system usually consists of a power unit and complete cleaning sets.

Power Units

There are 5 models of Electrolux Oxygen power units:



This is one of the most advanced and flexible systems. It is used for large homes and multistoried building designs. It does not need external exhaust.



This model provides excellent cleaning for large homes and multistoried buildings. It requires external exhaust.



This model matches large and middle-sized homes with one or several floors. It is characterized by its durability and high performance level. It requires external exhaust.



This model possesses a high dirt collection capacity, is used for medium-sized homes cleaning, and does not need external exhaust.



This model serves medium-sized and small homes with one or several floors. It is characterized by easy installation process and external exhaust necessity.

Complete Cleaning Set

An Electrolux central vacuum parts mainly include the following devices:

  • Oxygen handle
  • Active control switch
  • Active pickup tool
  • Integrated cleaning tools, such as dusting brush and crevice tool
  • Hose set

Innovative Technologies

All the Electrolux central cleaning systems are fitted out with a wide range of innovative technologies and smart solutions. Their valuable and unique features have been created to transform a vacuum cleaning task into a simple, intuitive and effective procedure.

  • Quick release bucket
  • GORE-TEX® Self-cleaning filter
  • Integrated Silencer
  • Information display for ZCV875 and ZCV870 models
  • True HEPA filtration
  • Optional paper bag attachment

Additional Benefits

Alongside with all the above mentioned technologies and useful devices the Electrolux Company provides its customers with several additional benefits:

  • Nothing but 99.97% of clean air
  • Intelligent design
  • Electrolux Oxygen – clean air and built-in construction

Even though the Electrolux Oxygen central vacuum systems are stylish and quiet, they are powerful and robust. These products are characterized by convenient and intuitive product specifications, which are enhanced by easy-to-use upgraded information displays. The Electrolux cleaning sets have been specially developed for deep optimal dust and dirt pick-up alongside for the quiet and ergonomic workflow. The Electrolux Oxygen products have been intentionally created for providing a clean and healthy home environment with the Electrolux customers in mind.   

How to Install Central Vacuum in Existing Home

The installation guide will show how to install your central vacuum system in existing home.

Before you begin installation, read this guide. The installation guide explains the nine areas of the process. The areas covered in the installation guide are:

  • Location of the Power Unit
  • Tubing System Design
  • Location of Wall Inlet Valves
  • Typical Installation Examples
  • Installation of Wall Inlets
  • Tubing System Installation
  • VacPan Installation
  • Exhaust Blow-Out
  • Electrical Connections

The installation process can be done by an avid do-it-yourself homeowner depending on the type of home construction.

How to Install Central Vacuum in a New Home

If you’re building a new home or planning a major remodel project there will never be a better time to install an Electrolux Oxygen Central Vacuum System. Installation of your Oxygen system is done after plumbing and electrical work is completed and before wallboard is installed.

One of the most popular features of a central vacuum system is the VacPan® automatic dustpan. This handy feature can be installed in the kitchen, near exterior doors, in bathrooms, family or laundry rooms, or wherever you’re planning to have hard-surface flooring.

Choose among a wide range of Electrolux Oxygen central vacuum cleaners on sale. These products will provide you with comfort and clean air within the whole house.  



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