Learn All About Hayden Central Vacuum Systems From This Review

When it comes to the central vacuum systems production, the Hayden Company is considered to be the global leader in this sphere. The Hayden products are equipped with the SuperPack™ cleaning tools and SuperVac™ cyclonic system technologies that provide a super-efficient performance. Besides, the SuperValve™ technology ensures a successful work of a full range of fittings and valves in a dual voltage situation.

Popular Hayden Central Vacuum System

Hayden SuperVac 6000 Central Vacuum System with attachment kit refers to the most popular model manufactured by the Hayden Company. This model features the top-of-the-line SuperVac™ and SuperSystem™ technologies and ensures high level of cleaning power, low maintenance, and reliable performance. The SuperVac™ power unit is mainly located outside the living area, somewhere in a garage or basement premises, which helps to eliminate unpleasant noise. In addition to that, this power unit includes a cyclonic separator cone and a cartridge filter improving the dirt removal.

The Hayden SuperVac 6000 Technical Specifications

  • 484 Air-Watts Suction Power
  • 137″ Water Lift
  • 100 CFM Airflow
  • 18 Liters Dirt Capacity
  • Cyclonic and cartridge filtration system
  • Pleated cartridge filter attached
  • VacTrack™ Technology
  • Can serve small and middle-sized homes up to 7,000 square feet

Attachment Kit

When purchasing a Hayden SuperVac 6000 central vacuum system it is possible to choose one of the available cleaning kits according to the customer requirements. The standard cleaning kit usually includes the following devices:

  • Power Nozzle with Headlight
  • Upholstery Nozzle
  • Vinyl Tool Caddy
  • Attachment Holder
  • Dusting and Floor Brushes
  • Hose Hanger

Other Hayden Models

Among the other popular Hayden central vacuum system models there can be highlighted the following items:

  • Hayden 2400 SuperVac™
  • Hayden 3600 SuperVac™
  • Hayden 6000T Tall Boy Kit
  • Hayden 7000 SuperVac™ Premier
  • Hayden SuperVac™ Premier Central Vacuum Unit

Hayden Benefits

All the central vacuum models manufactured by the Hayden Company feature the following list of benefits:

  • The power unit is mainly located outside the living area providing a zero noise performance.
  • All the invisible and fine dust particles are vented out from the home environment.
  • The absence of dust and dirt recirculation from the home environment into the living area.
  • Powerful reduction of all possible allergens that may cause asthma and allergy symptoms. The homeowners are protected from mold and mildew spores, dust, dirt, debris, pollen and dust mites.
  • All the unpleasant smells, gasses and contaminant are efficiently expelled outside from the indoor home environment.

Choose among a long list of Hayden central vacuum system models on sale, equipped with the latest innovative technologies.



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