central vacuum cleaner

What is central vacuum system in a home?

Home central vacuum system is a smart technological device intended to facilitate the life of an average homeowner. This household appliance is made to clean a variety surfaces, improving the overall air quality in a home environment.

Types of Home Central Vacuum Systems

All the home central vacuum systems can be distinguished by the following characteristics:

Size of the Home Space

There could be found central vacuum systems ready to serve small, middle-sized and even large houses and condos. These homes can be one story or even a few floors, ranging from 3,000 square feet up to 10,000 square feet.

Filtration Technology

The wide variety of implemented filtration solutions is quite extensive, but the most popular include the following:

  1. Cyclonic Filtration Technology
  2. Inverted Bag Filtration Technology
  3. Paper of HEPA Bag Filtration Technology
  4. Reusable Cloth Filter Bag Filtration Technology

Motor Types

There are several motor types used for central vacuum system production, such as 5.7″ and 7.2″ one or two stage tangential by-pass motors, 5.7″ one or two stage flow thru powerful motors, 8.4″ one stage conical shaped fan powerful motors, and induction powerful motors. They can also come equipped with mufflers.

Central vacuum systems are related to the category of silently working household devices because their power units are to be located outside the living area, somewhere in a garage or a basement premises. Still, there are several options for sound decibels.

Dirt Capacity

The cylinders provided together with the central vacuum systems can feature different dirt collecting capacities. Their size may range from 5 to 9 gallons.


There is a wide range of contemporary manufacturers of central vacuum systems available in the market today.  The most popular brands include the following: NuTone, PowerStar, Riccar, Valet, Beam, Electrolux, Vacu Maid, AirVac, Hoover, Imperium, MD, Dirt Devil, and Hayden.

Benefits of the Central Vacuum Systems

First of all, these household devices ensure a healthy and clean home environment. They eliminate 100% of all available dust, dirt, debris, pollen, mold and mildew pores, small insects, pet hair and other existing allergens. As a result, these devices alleviate the allergy symptoms and protect the whole family from dangerous diseases, such as asthma.

Besides, the silent operation ensures a convenient and comfortable time spending. The cleaning process will never interfere with your child’s sleep or evening rest.·         At last, implementation of the central vacuum systems can significantly improve the overall value of your house in case of its future reselling.

Famous Central Vacuum System Brands

A central vacuum system is considered to be one of the most effective and efficient household appliances. This device is widely used both in the residential areas and commercial premises. This device can be named in different ways, like ducted vacuum cleaner, or central vacuum cleaner, or even built-in vacuum cleaner, but in all these cases this is one and the same system that provides its owners with a deep effective cleaning and elimination of all possible kinds of dirt, dust, debris, mold and milder spores, pollen, other microorganism as well as small home insects and pet hairs.

wo-stage market of household appliances is full of different manufacturing brands that offer a wide range of central vacuum system models and innovative technologies. Still, some of the most famous brands, which are popular among the Americans as well as the whole world, can be named as the following:

  • NuTone
  • PowerStar
  • Riccar
  • Valet
  • Beam
  • Electrolux
  • Vacu Maid
  • AirVac
  • Hoover
  • Imperium
  • MD
  • Dirt Devil
  • Hayden

Benefits Offered by the Central Vacuum System Brands

Each brand tries to produce a unique technology that will individualize its products out of the other alike household appliances. Still, the average set of benefits, offered by a central vacuum system, remains standard. If you have decided to purchase a central vacuum cleaner, you are sure to obtain most of the following benefits:

Silent Operation

The technology implemented into the central vacuum systems allows to locate a power unite outside the living area. The motor can be fixed in a garage or a basement premises. This feature ensures a noiseless cleaning procedure inside the house. This is especially beneficial for the families with little babies or elderly people.

Convenient Usage

The central vacuum systems are free from long cords and heavy devices. They are lightweight and can be easily moved from one place into another. You will have no problems with taking it up or down the staircases. Convenient cleaning tools included into the attachment kits provide an easy and convenient access to every nook and cranny of your home. All these qualities ensure a fast and effective cleaning process.

Perfect Filtration Technology

All the central vacuum systems are fitted out with highly efficient filtration technologies. Among the most effective ones there could be named the following solutions:

  • Cyclonic Filtration Technology
  • Inverted Bag Filtration Technology
  • Paper of HEPA Bag Filtration Technology
  • Reusable Cloth Filter Bag Filtration Technology

Using any of these solutions ensures a high quality cleaning and seamless maintaining of a central vacuum system.

Among the other useful advantages there could be mentioned the following issues:

  • Powerful and efficient motor
  • Durable steel cisterns
  • Improvement of the overall home value
  • Lifetime warranty