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Valet Central Vacuum Systems is so Famous, but why?

The Valet Company is a leading manufacturer of central vacuum systems. In fact, their products entered the household appliance market more than a half century ago. Since then, they have been rapidly growing and have continuously been referred to as the top brand within the industry, delivering only the best quality products.


The Valet Company provides five types of the central vacuum systems: SH, SC, V80-V100 and V-TEN Heavy Duty series. All of them are equipped with paper bagged filtration technology and differ according to their dimensions and cleaning capacity.

Secrets of Perfect Suction

  • Inlet Diverter Stem

Due to the Valet’s special design, the process of air cleaning already starts inside the vacuum system. At the same time, a filter bag is easy to remove and replace.

  • Max Flo Filtration

The HEPA type filtration technology ensures removing of household dust and dirt, provides maximum system airflow and optimum power.

  • The Heart of the Valet System

All Valet products operate silently and are upgraded with a soft-start technology. They also have a high level of energy efficiency and a decreased wear and tear intensity. Because of this, such vacuum systems are five times more powerful than the average portable vacuum cleaner.

  • Suction Motor

The suction motor used in the Valet central vacuum systems is characterized by the tangential bypass technology of high efficiency and long life operation supported by the soft start solution and minimum power consumption, alongside maximum suction performance.

  • Air Discharge Core

This device ensures filtering and cleaning of indoor air as well as exhausting empties into the muffler system.

Health Protection

All Valet central vacuum systems are intended to protect their owners from various forms of home pollutants and microscopic allergens such as household dust and dirt, debris, mold and mildew, dust mites, pet hair and pollen. A unique ducted vacuum cleaning system is ensured by the vacuum motor, which is fixed outside the living areas. As a result, the house will remain crystal clear, and the indoor environment becomes fresh, healthy and secure.

5 Valet Benefits

  • The Valet ducted vacuum systems provide their owners with a wide range of smart solutions and creative technologies that ensure a perfect cleaning of every corner in the house.
  • The power unit can be located outside the living area. It ensures a thorough cleaning and absolutely silent performance. You can easily clean a bedroom with sleeping children without disturbing them.
  • The hidden motor can be connected to several inlets throughout the house. In average you will need up to three inlets to provide a convenient and full coverage of all the surfaces demanding vacuum cleaning.
  • The Valet machines have a unique turbo brush cleaning system and a wide range of cleaning tools, such as vacuum hoses, wands, floor and wall cleaning tools and applicators.
  • Six year manufacturer’s guarantee on the motor and a lifetime guarantee on the canister made of corrosion-resistant steel.

You can find all existing models of Valet Central Vacuum Systems — all of these models come equipped with top-quality accessories and creative technologies.



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