What is an Electric Submeter for home usage?

Electric Submeters are portable convenient devices that allow the qualified electricians and homeowners to monitor energy consumption, detect and troubleshoot any faults in various appliances and electrical circuits operation.

Electric Submeter: types and tips for Easy Selection

An Electric meter is an instrument that is useful to measure the power consumed by an apartment, a house, an office, an electrical system or an electrical appliance. The meters are not only necessary to measure the accurate power consumption amount in order to provide the correct billing of every household or a business—they ensure the proper power quality of the electrical system being studied by checking its voltage, current, waveforms, true power, frequency and other factors that influence the system operation. In addition to this, power measuring devices detect any disturbances of the systems such as swells, sags, flickers and distortions.

Power measuring instruments are essential for any technician to provide the safe operation of electrical systems of all kinds including fiber, optical, network and other types of cables. The meters of this kind are used in public utilities, industrial facilities and power supply enterprises. Additionally, the meters are helpful for monitoring of machinery and appliances in operation. They are excellent tools that allow the technicians to anticipate, locate and eliminate any faults in energy distribution systems.

There are many types, forms and brands of Electricity Monitors that are available on the market today. Even a qualified electrician can be puzzled by such a difficult task as selecting the best power measuring device for the particular application. Amazon offers the customers to consider purchase of Hioki devices. The products of this top-quality brand are produced by the well-known Japanese company that has proven its reliability during the 70 years of impeccable work. The Hioki electrical test equipment is extremely popular in many countries of the world due to their accuracy, modern design and affordable prices.

Types of Power Energy meters

There is a variety of electric meter types that differ by circuits, type of output and nature of the electrical signal being tested. Single-phase meters are designed for single phase alternating current loads that are supplied to most of households. Three-phase meters are helpful for three-phase equipment such as pumps, large motors, washing machines and stoves. Analog electric meters that show the measured values by a needle on a scale are not as accurate and easy-to-use as their digital counterparts. The analog devices are calibrated mechanically. During the operation or calibration of the meter, its needle or moving parts can be damaged and cause imprecise readout. Digital meters are portable, user-friendly and accurate devices that are easily calibrated by pressing a button.

There are different electrical signals that are transmitted by dissimilar cables, machines and appliances. For this reason, there are optical fiber test equipment and laser meters. Optical devices are designed to measure signal in optical cables or fibers that are widely used in computer and telecommunication systems. When choosing power measuring instruments of this kind it’s important to remember that they can not precisely read power from other cable types. These meters allow users to detect power loss in the system and check the continuity of cables. This testing equipment requires users to set the correct wavelength in order to provide accurate readings. Select models show wavelength on the display, simplifying the device calibration procedure for the user.

Regardless of the type, model and brand of the electric meter you decide to purchase at Amazon, it will be covered by a manufacturer warranty. Not only that, Amazon always offers free delivery on their products, providing users with huge benefits.

What is a digital electric meter?

Nashone Digital Electric Power Meter
Nashone Digital Electric Power Meter

A digital electric power meter is an accurate easy-to-use measuring instrument that allows homeowners and qualified technicians to measure and save energy consumed by household, industrial and community facilities.

How to choose the best digital electric power meter

A digital electric meter is a device that is useful to measure power consumption and to monitor the proper performance of the electric systems and equipment. The power measuring instruments of this kind are necessary for every residence and office to provide the accurate energy billing. They are helpful for industrial, commercial and community facilities in order to provide power distribution and metering in the proper way. The power metering instruments are essential tools for electricians and all handy users who install and maintain any type of electrical appliances. In addition to this, the meters are necessary for the technicians that produce and design household appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines or industrial equipment such as computer servers, pumps or manufacturing machines.

Digital electric meters are accurate and easy-to-use devices. The modern digital technology eliminates possibility of mistakes due to manual data reading. In addition to this, there are various smart features of digital power measuring devices that allow the customers to use energy in more efficient way and improve power quality. However, before selecting the best power meter with the most advanced features, it is important to opt for one of the most reliable brands. Amazon recommends the customer to consider purchase of Hioki digital power meters. These top-quality devices that are produced by the responsible Japanese producer are in the highest demand due to their accurate operation, durability and reasonable prices. Hioki power meters provide the best energy saving solution for both household and commercial applications.

Basic features of a perfect digital power meter

In order to choose the best digital meter to purchase, it is important to check several helpful features of the device. It is necessary to check the meter compatibility with the available power grid of your country. In most cities of the USA the standard power supply is equal to 120 alternating current volts. However, fluctuations, flickers and sags happen frequently; this is why the power supply usually varies from 108V to 132 V. At the same time, standard voltage in most of European countries is 220V (+/-10%) or 230V (+/-10 %). North American frequency standards are 60 Hz while European power supply lines work with alternating frequency 50 Hz. This is why, the electric meters are generally designed for power consumption from 100V to 240V; they normally can operate by frequency both 50Hz and 60Hz. Digital power meter should have a wide bandwidth or they should be frequency selective.

An effective digital electric meter should have a large, convenient liquid crystal display and a lot of useful features such as calculation of maximum power demand, peak and non-peak hours during the day and energy consumption of individual appliances. Some power measuring equipment is compatible with remote meter-reading software that exempts the user from the need to read the meter physically every month. Additionally, devices of this kind have a remote shut-off function; it allows the users to turn the meters off when they are not in use. The digital power meter should have as low accuracy factor as possible. However, some minor errors can happen and some percent accuracy value is still permissible even for the top-quality digital instruments.

Regardless of the brand and the model of digital electric meter you select to purchase at Amazon, it will be equipped with a manufacturer warranty. Not only this, is will be delivered for free that will allow you to save even more money.

In order to select the best digital electric meter to purchase for definite application, it is important to take into account the most reliable brands and useful features of these devices.

Some facts about optical power meters

Signstek Optical Power Meter Tester
Signstek Optical Power Meter Tester

Optical power meters are portable easy-to-use instruments that are widely used by qualified technicians for measuring power and testing continuity of optical cables and devices.

In order to choose the best optical power meters to purchase, it is advisable to consider their brands, calibration, detector types, accuracy, display precision and other important factors.

Some tips for choosing the best quality optical power meters

An optical power meter is a test instrument designed to measure power in optical fibers and cables that are used in medicine, cable television, computer networks, telephony and industry. The devices can read accurate optical signals that originate from light emitting diodes or lasers and transmitted by optical fiber and other optical devices. A common meter consists of a calibrated sensor that measures optical power, an optical screen that allows the user to see the measured power, the set wavelength and an amplifier that converts the current into voltage.

Optical power meters allow the user to locate the fiber optical system and troubleshoot faults in optical cable and other elements of the circuit such as switches, cross connects, multiplexers and other optical equipment. At the same time, they show only the average power but not its deviations. In addition to this, the meters are used to test optical cables continuity. The devices need calibration; they require the user to set test wavelength. This is why, the instruments are the best suited for qualified experienced users.

There is a variety of different brands and types of optical power meters available for sale on the market today. Amazon sells only the top brands produced by the leading industry manufacturers such as Fluke Networks, EXFO, JDSU, Agilent, Corning, Noyes, Anritsu and GN Nettest. These brand names should be noted in order to choose only the high quality meters to purchase. However, the optical power meters supplied by any or these well-known producers incorporate lots of devices that have dissimilar helpful features. Some expert tips will help the customers to choose the best meters according to their requirements.

How to shop for optical power meters

First of all, there are two basic forms of the meters: desktop and portable ones. Desktop devices are usually the intelligent instruments that are used in scientific researches, educational experiments in colleges, production of optical systems. They are sensitive, accurate, stable and reliable and have higher resolution than the portable meters. The portable items are commonly easy-to-use, cost effective, dust, heat and damp proof devices that makes them the best suited for field measurements.

Necessary features of the best optical power meters

The meters are calibrated according to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) requirements. The most popular wavelength of the handheld devices are 1550 nm, 1310 nm, 1300 nm and 850 nm. The best choice will be a multimode device calibrated for all four readings. In addition to this, there are different types of the meter sensors. Silicon type devices can sense relatively low powers from 350 nm. Germanium detectors sense the highest possible light level up to 1800 nm. Indium Gallium Arsenide instruments are useful for measuring the intermediate level from 850 nm to 1650 nm. Additionally each optical meter power is characterized by its specific dynamic range that shows the amount of the light energy the meter can measure. It is advisable to choose wide range devices that can measure the energy from 0.0001mW to 2mW.

In addition to this, optical power meters differ in relative and absolute accuracy, adapter types, display precision and other valuable factors to consider. However, regardless of the type and the brand of the optical power meter you decide to purchase at Amazon, it will be of the highest possible quality and will be supplied with a manufacturer warranty. Not only this; free shipping will be provided that will allow the customer to get an additional benefit from the purchase.



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