Modern vs. Conventional Water Heating Systems

We surely remember the times when the houses and apartments have been heated with old-fashioned radiators. Being a type of vintage mechanisms, the hot water heating systems have definitely evolved to become new and modern thanks to the latest technological advancements. We still find the old radiators to be attractive as they are able to serve as a reminder of previous decades and the times when our grandmothers and grandfathers used to be young and ambitious to make new families, start new careers and produce the contemporary world as we know it today.

Hot Water Heating System Technology

The hot water heating systems are also known as hydronic heating systems use the technology of heating the water with oil, gas or electric boiler. The hot water is getting circulated through the pipes bringing the heat to the living rooms. When additional heat is needed, the thermostat gives an order to a circulator pump to return the water to the convector. Additional feature of flow-control valve is able to stop the water flow. This way the convectors are fully protected from overheating.

Types of Hot Water Heating Systems

The Older Gravity System

It heats the water that rises up to the radiators through the pipes. The technology allows the cold or heavier water to gravitate back to the boiler and there’s no circulator pumps applied.

The Single-Pipe System

It is used in smaller or medium-sized houses. It uses the short branch lines that lead to each convector.

The Two-Pipes System

It has a set of separate pipes to supply and return water. Cool water is being returned to separate convectors allowing the high water temperature to be sent at far ends of the heating system. It is appropriate for the use in the large size houses.

Air-tight expansion tank allows the heated water to expand. It is located on the hot side of the boiler enabling to take the water excess. In case, when the tank is fully filled up, the safety-relief valve positioned on the boiler top part relieves the existing pressure.

Important Notice: First Time Use

At the first time the hydronic system is started, it produces the first heating of cold water procedure. Then it releases the extra air trapped in the convectors preventing the hot to enter the system. It is necessary to release the air pressure. While some convectors have installed air vents, others need to be open to squirt out the hot water with a screwdriver.



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