Oil Heating: Safe Solution to keep your family warm

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Hello, I'm Ted Curley, a licensed electrician with a wealth of experience in the electrical field. I've recently joined this platform as a contributor to share my extensive knowledge and insights with you. My journey in the electrical field spans over a decade, during which I have cultivated a deep...Read more

Many homeowners choose different types of central heating. While some clients choose gas central heating only, this selection is done because these people have never tried anything new. There is a second category of clients that choose oil central heating as the best heating solution for their homes. The gas central heating continues to be the mostly used type of heating in the USA and UK today. Homeowners, who don’t have permanent access to main gas network, prefer oil central heating.

Central Oil Heating

Central oil heating is definitely great for the house located in rural locations. Enabling to keep the warmth in the houses, the oil heating is clean. If you take for example the latest oil furnaces are found to perform cleaner than regular wood stoves. The propane and gas heating units may produce dangerous smokes such as carbon dioxide discharge in the residences. By the latest report of the Environmental Protection Agency, the oil heating systems and devices are declared to be the cleanest combustion system available on the market today.

Oil Heating Specifics

The oil heating systems can produce enough warmth getting really hot. Along with the releasing more energy than any other home based heating systems, the heating oil continues to deliver the superior value. Oil fuel burns hot than regular natural gas heating system. It enables to heat home significantly faster, use less fuel and maintain the comfortable warm temperature at all times during the cold nights and mornings. Finding yourself in cold conditions, the faster is definitely better.

List of Major Features:

1. Local & Convenient.

Finding the best oil heating is easy, you may wish to contact your local contractor, or cooperate with the wholesale network like ours to get the best deal on the existing prices.

2. Upgrade & Save.

A long-term savings include installing a new boiler or a furnace. Enabling you to save up to 40% of existing fuel costs, upgrading your heating systems is a huge step in basic home-improvement.

3. Secure & Safe.

As home heating oil cannot burn, it is natural to be used in any home. The oil does not have any combustible features and can be easily stored in a liquid state. It can only become a burning fuel in case it is being vaporized. Also, leaking liquid oil will not offer any kind of risk ensuring health and safety of family members both small and grown-up.

How to Reduce Oil Heating Cost

Using oil heaters cannot be such a good idea considering the constantly increasing oil prices. It can be challenging to cope with heating oil cost during the winter months. That is why homeowners who find the oil cost the only drawback of this kind of heaters can take advantage of some expert tips explaining how to reduce this cost.

The costs may be cutted in 2 ways:

  • sophisticated buying techniques
  • house and heating system improvemrnt

Cutting the Heating Bills – Oil Buying Guide

Plan how much oil is needed, type of payment and deliver schedule. During intense cold winter temperatures, the heating oil prices can be surprisingly taxing directly from the wallets of residents.

1. Compare oil prices.

Before buying oil for a heater always make a research in order to find a store or a website where it is possible to purchase discounted or the cheapest oil. The price comparison is the best way to save money on buying the annual oil supply. Try to choose a website where they can offer cheap or free delivery to prevent the increasing of the total heating oil cost. In other words, do not rush to go to a nearest store to replace oil for a home heater.

2. Buy oil during summer months.

Like with any other product, heating oil cost directly depends on the balance between demand and supply. Logically that during the summer season it will be easier to buy cheaper heating oil since people have no need to use it right now. Make provision for a rainy day in good time. It is a good chance to make significant savings.

3. Take an advantage of wholesale oil orders.

Experts recommend avoiding small orders because they will only increase heating oil cost. Placing large orders for few months or years is the best way to save up money. Do not hesitate when online oil suppliers or private companies offer to order minimum 500L. The heating oil cost in this case will be significantly lower than ordering 100L 5 times.

4. Become an initiator of a group order.

Many oil suppliers offer significant discounts if the delivery area of a group area is the same. Talk to the neighbors. If they need buying oil as well it will be possible to get an advantageous type of discount.

Heating system maintenance and house improvement

The winter time always means that the measures to reduce heating oil costs must be taken. Many people consider as a priority to exchange the older oil heaters for renewed once as they are able to produce extensive heat while keeping the energy-efficiency. In order for the winter not to turn out to be a headache, some preparations must be done ahead. Experts advise to put a little bit of effort and investment in order to reduce the heating costs dramatically.

1. Properly maintain and check an oil tank.

The oil tank should provide maximum efficiency. That is why it has to be serviced every year at least. The amount of money spent for timely repairs and maintenance can significantly save money in a case of leaks or other situations where oil is wasted in vain because of a broken tank.

2. Make sure the oil tank is in a safe place.

Sometimes it is better to play safe than to cry over split milk. Replacing of a stolen oil tank can cost up to hundreds of dollars. That is why, make sure the tank is in a safe place, behind the locked doors and has a pre-set monitor with an alarm. Such alarm will be raised in a case there is an abnormal drop in oil volume caused by a fault, leak or theft.

3. Insulate a house, a tank and pipes

Sufficient insulation is the key strategy to reduce heating oil cost. Proper insulation of a house will require less expenditure of oil. To stop losing heat through walls and roof and before it reaches a home it is recommended to insulate thoroughly the oil tank, adjoining pipes and a whole house. No leaks mean any unnecessary expenses.

4. Keeping Vents Closed

When the house vents in the rooms are not used regularly, it is wise to close them. This way the precious heat amount will be conserved, and the house will stay warmed up. As a result, the heat is driven to stay within the house rooms, preserving much necessary warmth inside the house.

5. Servicing the Heaters

Before the winter comes, the measures of precaution and regular maintenance are to invite the contractor to do the servicing and oil heating systems maintenance work. This means when the cold winter days come, the house heating system is ensured to work properly and at maximum efficiency. During the maintenance, the old filters are being replaced with new once to provide effective airflow.

6. Proper Insulation

The insulation means a lot. The house may have the best quality oil heaters with reduced heating oil costs, but with poor insulation all the energy saving methods will seize to exist. When a contracting inspector is invited, he carefully examines and tests the areas to find the air leaks. As soon as these issues are fixed, the heating oil costs will be reduced. Keep in mind that the water heater needs separate insulation as well if a homeowner has set a goal of reducing heating oil cost.

7. Lowering Hot Water Temperatures

The water temperature can be lowered from the highest to 120 degrees. This is a measure to reduce heating oil costs during the cold seasons. Keep in mind that many water heaters are heating water up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

8. Old Windows Replacement

The old windows may release the home heat outside. In order to prevent that the old windows with dried out wood must be replaced with the new ones.

To sum up the oil heating system is able to provide instant superior comfort that is highly valued at any type of home. The basics say that the family and the whole house are going to be warmed up and kept safe which is the most important thing.

Ted CurleyJourneymen wiremen at US Electric-International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW)

Hello, I'm Ted Curley, a licensed electrician with a wealth of experience in the electrical field. I've recently joined this platform as a contributor to share my extensive knowledge and insights with you. My journey in the electrical field spans over a decade, during which I have cultivated a deep understanding and expertise in various roles. Let me take you through my journey and my passion for electricity and space heaters.

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