Outdoor Heaters: buying tips, specifics and features

To feel comfortable in the cold weather you need to be warm not only indoors but also outdoors. If you want to stay outdoors even in the cold phase of the year you can be comfortable and warm with the use of the outdoor heaters. There are several types of heaters available in the modern market. Outdoor patio heaters can operate on natural gas, propane or electricity.  While some models of propane, natural gas and electric heaters may look the similar, they can vary greatly in their features, applications and usage.

Electric Lamp Heaters

Electric lamp heaters use radiant heat, which heats people and the objects, and not the air around them. This means that the electric outdoor heaters are greatly effective and quick heat up for frequent use.  Lamp heaters do not run off wood or flammable gases. They have no emissions, which is better for the environment, and provide an enjoyable experience for people and pets nearby.

• Pros – quickly heats up, environmentally clean, good for frequent use, energy consumption is relatively low.

• Cons – heat only small areas, require a socket or mounting system.

Propane Heaters

Propane outdoor patio heaters are the most popular choice for large home patios, cafes and restaurants  because they are highly mobile and self-contained.

• Pros – has a high heat transfer, heat large areas, highly mobile.

• Cons – should don’t forget  to buy propane before use.

Natural gas Patio Heaters

Natural gas heaters need a gas connection but can be installed on large patios, restaurants, cafes and outdoor kitchens.

• Pros – Natural gas patio heaters tie with gas lines so it is no need for you  to go and buy gas to fuel them. They have high heat output and can warm large areas.

• Cons – They usually are more expensive than other types of heaters, don’t operate in high wind  environments, are not very mobile.

Fire Pits and Fire Tables

Fire pits and fire pit tables can add decorative and charming element to your outdoor space.  Fire pits look like real camp-fire and bring the excitement of camping to your backyard without any hassle of wood gathering or  cleanup .

• Pros – Can sustain a large fire,  more mobile then chimney, aesthetically  and decorative appealing, provides a fun campfire feeling.

• Cons – Unattended they don’t retain heat for a long time and can be dangerous for kids and pets.


They need small patio space, because of the way chimneys shaped the heat they provide can only be felt on one side.

• Pros – Smoke blows upward,  the heat can be directed toward the center of the patio,  well retains heat, adds a decorative cultural element.

• Cons- Requires regular maintenance as cleaning and sealing, can be unwieldy to move because of its shape.

As you can see, portable outdoor heaters are a great investment. This prevents you from needing so many layers of clothing in order to keep warm and gives enjoyment of spending time with your friends and kids outdoors during the winter months.



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