Best Space Heater for Large Room

If you live in a cold climate, getting a space heater might be a really good idea because these devices combine portability and efficiency to provide a very interesting alternative to central heating. Of course, they are not going to completely replace your whole-house heating, but they can help you heat up a large space without breaking the bank and you can move them all over the place without being attached to a certain spot. Because of that, space heaters may fit into the interior of your living room much better than an immobile central heating radiator with its bland white look.

If you don’t frequently use central heating in your home, space heaters may be an altogether better solution because they don’t require as much maintenance as central heating. And since you can move a space heater from the living room to the bedroom in the evening and from the bedroom to the kitchen in the morning, your heating system is going to be a lot more flexible and likely save you some money in the long run.

General Space Heater Information  

If you’re not very familiar with the devices and systems that bring heating and other utilities to your home, you may not really know what space heaters are. This is why we have decided to start off our review with an explanation of what space heaters are and how they work. If you’re already familiar with that information, feel free to skip this section and continue your search of the best space heater for a large room with the help of actual product reviews below.

The Purpose of a Space Heater  

Obviously, space heaters are meant to provide heating. They are normally used to supplement whole-house heating systems in cold climates, to heat up small spaces that are not suitable for central heating, or even to provide some warmth outside (provided there’s a power outlet available).

Different Types of Space Heaters

All space heaters more or less share the same mechanism of action (more on that below), but they use different heating elements to provide their effects. The most popular space heater types are convection ones (rely on wire elements to provide the heat) and infrared ones (emit radiative heat). There are also micathermic, electric, and oil space heaters, but these are less common and might be harder to find depending on where you live.

How Do Space Heaters Work?  

Different types of space heaters rely on different mechanisms to provide their effects, so we’re only going to take a quick look at the two most popular types. Convection space heaters use wire elements to produce heat and fans to distribute it, as wire elements are unable to pass the heat directly into the air. Infrared space heaters don’t warm up the air around them either; they emit radiation that is absorbed by the people, animals, and objects in their vicinity.

Now that you’re more familiar with space heaters, it is time to find the answer to your “best space heater for large room” question!

Dr Infrared Portable Space Heater  


  • two work modes to match different usage scenarios
  • has remote control
  • very safe with auto shutdown and anti-tipping mechanism
  • extremely efficient


  • some customers complain about the fan being a little too loud


This space heater from Dr Infrared is compact, relatively lightweight, and is packed with useful features. It comes equipped with wheels and a special mechanism to prevent it from accidentally becoming unbalanced and tipping over, so you can easily take it from one room to another without worrying about it falling and accidentally hurting you or damaging something in your home.

The Dr Infrared heater relies on two heating systems at once to offer you an optimal heating experience. It also comes with an automatic shutdown timer, so you can be sure that it’s not going to work all day long because you forgot to turn it off before you left for work. The built-in energy saving mode allows you to efficiently heat up a large room and keep it warm for a long period of time.

This space heater even comes with a remote control, so you don’t have to get up from your bed or favorite couch in the living room to turn the device on. It also has a built-in display so that you can always see what temperature is it currently maintaining.


We absolutely loved this space heater. In fact, we’d go so far as to call it the best infrared space heater for a large room. It’s affordable, it has all the necessary features, and it has a nice, slightly retro design that will be an ideal fit for many living rooms, so what’s not to like?

Efficiency 9/10

Safety 9/10

Portability 9/10

Design 8/10

E-Flame USA Hamilton Electric Space Heater


  • gorgeous design
  • easy to set up and maintain
  • energy efficient


  • doesn’t have wheels for easier transportation


If you’ve always dreamed of having your own fireplace, this space heater is your chance to get one without all the expensive modifications to your home that come with a real fireplace. The unit looks amazing and can easily work with many interior designs, providing the comfortable atmosphere and warmth of a fire without the safety risks of one.

The E-Flame space heater is not only about the looks. It is a very efficient, easy-to-maintain device that can heat up any room or space up to 400 sq. ft., making you feel warm, comfortable, and relax. While you can use this space heater as your main heating source, it is recommended by the manufacturer that you use it to supplement the central heating at your home. Still, the unit will definitely have no problem warming up small rooms and it will most likely be able to heat up larger rooms as long as you don’t live in an extremely cold climate.

The heater is very quiet, so you probably won’t even notice it’s there. Its exterior stays cold to the touch no matter how long it functions, which serves the double purpose of increasing safety and providing an extra functional surface. Since the Hamilton space heater is designed to imitate a fireplace, you’ll probably want to display some family photos or souvenirs from your recent trips on it, and we can say it provides an ideal spot for your mini exhibition!


Having looked at several dozens of space heater models, we can safely say that this unit is easily on of the best space heaters for large rooms. The Hamilton space heater model is reliable, efficient, and on top of that, it also looks amazing! We do wish it had wheels for more portability, but that would likely mean sacrificing some of that fireplace design aesthetics, so we’re okay with the sacrifice in the end.

Efficiency 9/10

Safety 9/10

Portability 7/10

Design 10/10

PELONIS Ceramic Space Heater  


  • quick heating thanks to the ceramic technology
  • easily portable
  • remote control and auto shutdown features
  • reliable and affordable


  • some users find this device uses up too much electricity, but this is true for most space heaters


This ceramic space heater will heat up your living room in a matter of minutes thanks to the ceramic heating technology. Ceramic heaters are known for their fast heating up times, making them the best type of space heater for a large room, especially if it has to be heated up as fast as possible. This particular device heats up in as little as 3 seconds, which is a remarkable achievement even as compared to most other competitors using the ceramic heating technology.

We were very pleased with the overall design of this space heater. It may not be as aesthetically pleasing as our previous entry, but it looks modern and can be a welcome addition to any interior design, particularly to minimalistic ones. The device is also very lightweight and can easily be transported from one room to another using a special handle.

Safety will not be your concern when you use this space heater because it has automatic overheating protection. If it ever reaches a dangerously high temperature, it will shut down automatically. Finally, the ECO setting will help you manage the heater’s electricity consumption, heating up your home efficiently and saving the planet (and some money in your electricity bills).


We are ready to recommend this device as the best ceramic space heater for a large room to anyone who values their time and safety. It has all features necessary for a good space heater and it can turn a cold room into a cosy, welcoming environment in under an hour.

Efficiency 8/10

Safety 8/10

Portability 9/10

Design 8/10

Unique Heat Infrared Space Heater


  • safe construction
  • auto shutdown
  • doesn’t reduce the amount of oxygen in the air


  • fairly expensive


If you are ready to shell out a hefty amount of money for your new space heater, you might want to take a look at this model from Unique Heat. This space heater relies on infrared heating technology to provide the heating effect, and it is a very efficient solution that is particularly good for prolonged use.

The IR heater from Unique Heat stays cool to the touch even after functioning for hours, which minimizes the risk of accidental risks. In addition, the heater also has built-in auto shutdown, so it won’t set anything on fire even if it malfunctions and overheats.

Thanks to the IR technology, this space heater doesn’t dry out the air around it and is suitable even for smaller rooms with poor ventilation. As a bonus, the IR heater will disinfect the air in the room, so you’ll be not only warm but also safe from bacteria.


This is a pretty expensive space heater model that justifies the price tag by doing its job extremely well. If safety and air quality are major concerns for you, you can’t go wrong with the Unique Heat IR space heater.

Efficiency 9/10

Safety 10/10

Portability 8/10

Design 8/10

TRUSTECH Portable Space Heater


  • affordable
  • reliable
  • very portable
  • auto shutdown and adjustable thermostat features


  • may not be as power efficient as other space heaters on this list


To finish off our list, here’s a space heater model that will be ideal for you if you need to heat a large space on a budget. This space heater will keep you warm at night without breaking the bank, and it even has most features offered by its more expensive competitors.

This space heater from TRUSTECH is very compact, but don’t let its small size fool you. This a 1500W device, and while it may not be our top choice, we were still impressed by how powerful this little heater is. Thanks to the ceramic heating technology this space heater starts producing warmth in mere minutes after being turned on, so it’s a good choice for bedrooms, living rooms, offices, and basically any other space that needs to be heated quickly and efficiently.


This is an extremely portable space heater that’s also affordable and reasonably good at what it does. If you’re on a budget and looking for a reliable model that won’t leave you out in the cold, you won’t be disappointed by the TRUSTECH portable ceramic space heater.

Efficiency 7/10

Safety 9/10

Portability 10/10

Design 8/10

Tips and Hacks

Tip #1

Unless you clearly need to resort to a space heater as a main heating system, it is always a good idea to use it to complement your whole-house heating. Otherwise you risk overloading the space heaters which would lead to auto shutdown in most models. In addition, running space heaters is quite costly, so don’t count on them as the main source of heat in your home.

Tip #2

Go for a space heater model that imitates a fireplace to add that extra bit of charm to your house or even apartment. You don’t need to worry about having open fire in your home or paying high fireplace maintenance costs, just plug your space heater in and enjoy.

Tip #3

When choosing the best electric space heater for your large room, try to go for models that offer additional features such as auto shutdown and a programmable timer. You will not only get a much more comfortable user experience, but also feel safer using a space heater that will automatically shut down even if you forget to turn it off.

Space Heater FAQ

How much electricity does a space heater use?

Most space heaters use around 1500 Watts of power every hour. This means that if you have a typical space heater and use it for around 4 hours every day, it will end up consuming around 180 kWh per month.

How much does it cost to run a space heater?

While a space heater is often a relatively inexpensive purchase, it will accumulate costs as you use it. Using an average space heater for around four hours a day will result in additional $20 in your monthly electricity bill. This is why we recommend that you get a space heater model with a power preservation mode that will help you save some dollars every month.

How much does a space heater cost?

Most space heaters will only set you back a hundred dollars or even less, but you have to take into account the future costs that will inevitably come up once you start using the device. Depending on your use scenario, you can expect to factor in another 10 to 50 dollars for every month of using your space heater.

What is the best space heater type?

If you’re trying to figure out what the best type of space heater for a large room is, we can save you the trouble by telling you this: there’s no “best” or “ideal” space heater that is a foolproof solution for everyone. To find out which space heater type would be the best for you, you need to know the following things:

  • how often will you be using the heater
  • how big is the to-be-heated room
  • how fast do you need the heater to warm the room

Once you know enough about your future space heater use scenario, it should be easy to see which type of space heater would work best for you.

How hot can a space heater get?

Depending on the type of your space heater, it can always be cold to the touch or get pretty hot after working for a few hours. Of course, space heaters are designed to not get too hot on the outside so that they wouldn’t cause injuries and fires, but we still advise you to get a model with an auto shutdown feature so that the heater never gets hot enough to cause trouble.


Space heaters can be really helpful when you need a versatile, portable source of heat for your home, office, or garage. In cold climates, they can be used to supplement the main heating system, while in milder ones they can be used on their own to provide warmth during evenings and nights.

Whatever your space heater needs and preferences are, we hope that our review has helped you choose the best space heater for large rooms that is going to meet all your expectations and keep you warm and cozy!



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