5 Fall Gardening Tips

Fall is a great time to be outside. If you live in the south the cool crisp air is a novelty you can’t pass up. Gardening not only gets you outside it allows you to improve the environment in your own front and back yard. It doesn’t have to be magazine picture perfect, but having a few of your favorites blooming in the yard will always lift your spirits. Knowing in the cold winter months that deep underground there are plants ready to come to life in the spring will give you a glow despite the chill. Fall is a good starting point for a year-round home garden.

Tip #1 Look for Discounts! 

You don’t have to overspend to have a beautiful fall, and to make plans for spring. Start by looking for real low prices during those off periods when few are gardening. During off periods many garden centers will drastically lower prices in order to move stock. This is a good time to get gardening implements and seeds. Even though it might be months before you use the seeds you can place them in a sealed freezer bag and freeze them. This will keep them fresh and ready for planting.

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Tip #2: Fall is a Good Time to Repot 

Take a look at your outdoor potted plants. During the summer it’s possible that many have outgrown their pots, so this is a good time to buy them larger accommodations. This is more than cosmetic since if the roots are showing, the soil is packed down too densely, and the roots are making drainage more difficult for the plant it’s going to keep it from living up to its glowing, beautiful potential. Repotting at a time when the plant isn’t growing as fast, such as the fall will offer it a better chance of success in the move, and relieve the plant of being under stress in an overgrown environment.

Tip #3 Plan for Springtime 

Despite the focus on making changes for fall use the time after racking the leaves to plant bulbs for the spring. This is especially true if you plan for plants such as crocuses or tulips as these plants actually need a winter to trigger their growth. It’s better to plant these in the cool of the fall rather than trying to break through the cold ground to plant them later. Right after the leaves fall, and temperatures start to dip into the lower fifties and higher forties it’s time to plant these ahead of the first hard freeze.

Tip #4 Planting the Bigger, Better Summer  

If you have looked at other neighbor’s yards that sport trees and shrubs now is the time to have your own – or if you prefer vegetables -. Fall is the time to plant trees, and shrubs since this will give them a chance to grow down and have a real root system before summer. Summer can wither the chances of a shrub or young tree surviving its first year, so a head start in fall is best. It is important however to plant early in the fall, long before the first frost. During the shrubs or trees first winter you will need to have some burlap on hand to wrap around their base to protect their root system from freezing. By summer, these should be strong enough to survive the blistering sun as long as they get enough water. In a few summers, the shrubs will offer shade and protection for smaller plants, and the trees will make your entire yard a shady, cool place to rest and relax.

Tip #5: Trim Before Planting 

Even before you start planting some fall plants take a look at those plants which will be blooming again in the spring. These will have gone to seed, or appear bare, but they are still very much alive and in need of a trim – GreenWorks Electric Lawn Mower Review – . Don’t over trim, but take back a few inches in order to relieve the plant of old growth. This will actually give the plant less to sustain during the winter, and more energy to bounce back and bloom again in the summer.

Now is also the time for any quick growing plants you might want, which take only a few weeks to grow. In warm regions leafy greens have a hard time in the summer, but some like spinach take less than 50 days to mature. Radishes need as less than three weeks, so you can have colorful, fun vegetable in those final months before the first real frost, and long before snow blankets your yard.

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The Fun of Fall 

As the temperatures dip, a day spent in the yard is more fun.  Decorating for Halloween and Thanksgiving is also more fun when you know the yard looks great, and your plants are ready for the winter ahead.

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