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What is recessed lighting?

Every small detail is important for the design of the house. The lighting plan is one of the essential parts of it. It can be hard to implement the task without a necessary experience. Not everybody is able to envisage the eventual result of the house renovation. An experienced specialist can devise the lighting plan to fit your needs. Almost all contemporary houses nowadays use recessed lighting for decorative and functional needs. What is recessed lighting? Why is it worth choosing?

The basics of recessed lighting

Recessed lighting is a form of house illumination that uses special light fixtures. Install these lighting fixtures on the ceilings, walls, cabinets and the other places, where your householders need the additional light.

Recessed lights consist of trims and housings. You should find a pair to match each other. Install the housing with the right trim. Trims also suit the particular lamps only. The consultant can explain all the details.

Classification of recessed lights by type of lamp

Recessed lights are round fixtures, as a rule. However, there can be other forms. Recessed lights come with different lamps. They are divided into:

  • Incandescent
  • Fluorescent
  • Halogen
  • LED lamps

Dimensions of recessed lights

The most common types of lighting fixtures are fluorescent tube fixtures. One can see them in the offices though homeowners also install them. The usual dimensions are 2 by 2, 2 by 4 feet. 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 inches recessed lights. People frequently use them in homes. Generally, recessed lights with small diameter suit the task lighting well. Those, who need to accent the articles of design, utilize small diameter lights too. Recessed lights with a big diameter provide general lighting. Let us imagine that a person wants to make a picture on the wall a focal point of the interior. He can attain this goal with accent lighting. Small diameter recessed lights are necessary for that.

Many customers like to buy 6-inch lighting fixtures. The demand for them is high in the stores. The manufacturers produce such trims in abundance. There is a big selection of diverse 6 inch trims.

Where can one install recessed lights?

One can install recessed lighting in any room of the house or outside of it. Recessed lights serve different goals. They can decorate your dwelling or provide task lighting in the kitchen. There are so many causes to use them. One can achieve any goal with appropriate recessed lighting. Most frequently, people install recessed lights on the ceiling. It can be a plaster ceiling or suspended one. Additionally, one can install recessed lighting on the walls, furniture, and exterior constructions. It is even possible to enhance a look of spas and hot tub areas with it. The only thing one should care about is safety. Acquire the trims with the right rating for this purpose. Use damp location trims that are vulnerable to moisture and water.

Use task lighting to read, sew and cook. Resort to accent lighting for the decoration of your place. One can make a romantic getaway at home in this way. Enjoy cozy home!

Types of recessed lighting

Use recessed lighting at any place of the house. The other names of it are “pot lighting” or “can lighting”. There are various types of recessed lighting.

Recessed lighting types differ depending upon their functionality. Mount the recessed lighting on the ceiling to make the house look superb. Install recessed lighting on any surface and accentuate certain areas of design.

Type of recessed lighting depend upon light bulbs. Use incandescent light bulbs to get flood of light to the entire room. These are the simple A19 light bulbs. Halogens and fluorescent lamps are brighter. LED lamps are less bright than fluorescent lamps or incandescent lamps. Choice of lights depends upon functionality again. Recessed lighting types make the design. They either accentuate some area or distract attention from some features in the room.

Extraordinary design on a budget

It is necessary to remember that functionality does not imply only practical purpose. For instance, recessed lighting with reflector trim serves well to make the room brighter. It is good for rooms with poor natural lighting or small windows. Recessed lighting can also produce the impression that the room is bigger. The task of the designer to highlight the advantages with any methods. Lights cope with this task easily.

Play with colors for aesthetic look

Functional differences may include aesthetic characteristic. Imagine that the house has plain white wall, which looks rather dull. Add interesting recessed lights and install multicolored trim rings. This will let home owners get extraordinary design. Enjoy nice look of your house with it. This is a budget solution too. Even simple recessed lights give noble look to accommodation without huge expenses. Customers like to use this cost effective variant.

Play with forms to make the design original

Playing with colors is not the only way to get stunning interior design. It is also great when designers play with forms. There is nothing complicated here, and any  person without professional education can try a designer’s role. Those who what do not want to have round lights can resort to square lights instead. This makes the design stand out from usual one. Pay attention to such things when shopping for recessed lighting. In addition to forms, material of the trim may contribute to design and help to achieve the decorative purpose.  Trims with metallic finish, wood trims may go well with other elements of décor in the room.

Make lighting plan

In the beginning, every person should plan carefully. Make lighting plan on your own, or apply to lighting designer for that. Persons building a new house should discuss these things with a contractor. Qualified specialist will inform about the necessity to make either ambient light or accent light. Use recessed light effectively to be proud of home décor later. One can complete any modern interior with exclusive lighting. There are unlimited options here.

The only restriction is lack of imagination.