Do I need a water softener?

It’s not a secret that running water contains more than water. In accordance to the statistics the problem of water hardness is experienced by an enormous part of the communities across the country. Hard water does contain a variety of minerals, for example calcium, iron and magnesium that can affect your health as well as your monthly bills.

Moreover, hard water gives birth to scale build ups, it also leaves stains in your restroom and bathroom and forces to waste large amounts of washing powder and soap. Hard water leaves an unpleasant chemical smell and has an unnatural taste.

Are you still thinking?

Regular prophylaxis procedures are required in case of using hard water; otherwise large scale deposits are formed to shorten the life of costly technical appliances and sanitary engineering. Nobody is interested in unexpected expenses on a new washing machine or a dishwasher – from this point of view installing a water softener is absolutely required.

Hard water is fairly a poor tool for household needs not only from the long-term prospects. The destructive effect of hard water results in permanent and invisible money devouring by multiplying the amounts of your maintenance and energy bills.

Water softening units are designed to neutralize the devastating consequences the hard water brings. Water softeners remove calcium and magnesium elements, which contributes to boosting the effectiveness and prolonging the life of home appliances by 30% approximately.

Find out where to expect the effect

Buying a water softener is a solution to a range of issues of the day.

1. The bathroom.

An impressive foam up effect helps to save on shampoos and fabric conditioners. Soft water makes skin clean and hydrated. Tiring tub, hosepipe or sink cleaning would be no longer required.

2. The laundry.

Using soft water extends the life of the clothing and prevents it from discoloration. According to the number of tests hard water damages fabrics much faster comparing to soft water. Extending the life of the clothing up to 30% has never been easier. As mentioned, the washing machine is highly likely to serve more if using soft water.

3. The kitchen.

The dishes will become much easier to wash; the notable effect is guaranteed especially for white utensils and transparent/glass tableware – forget about grey shades. The joy of soft and hydrated hands is also guaranteed.

Do I need a water softener so bad?

In accordance with the research of the Bureau of Statistics, people spend up to 20 cents of each dollar when it comes to housing expenses. The shocking statistics puts the question of investing in a softening unit beyond any doubt. Reducing the amount of soap consuming by as much as 65 – 70% makes the softening solution surprisingly attractive from every side.

Another positive fact to underline is a reduced volume of chemicals that cleaners, powders and shampoos contain to be flushed into the drain, thus reducing environmental pollution.



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