Plumbing Tips and Tricks: That can Turn You into a Master within Minutes

No one wants to hear frightening and strange noise issuing from the bathroom. This is usually an indication of toilet trouble and as everyone knows problems with your plumbing can be both annoying and costly to repair. Whether the damage was done by over loading, excess vigor and simple old age the end result is usually the same, a plumber must be called out to survey the damage and some bills racked up. There lies the first problem; even getting a plumber to visit can be a difficult task. The number of trained professionals has dwindled and waiting lists can be long.

With this in mind it seems that some elementary plumbing tips and tricks should be acquired by every adult so when the cistern starts screaming or the bog bleating they can try to fix the problem. Of course an amateur should attempt not all plumbing tasks. Issues with water heaters for example should be left well alone. Only certified professionals may perform repairs on these. Attempting it by an amateur is a surefire way to invalidate your home insurance when the inevitable happens and the tank explodes destroying three quarters of your house in the process.

Easy Tricks: That Almost Anyone Can Attempt and Most Can Do

To many people creaking pipes are an annoyance and irritation. To some it may deprive them of sleep and others may wrongly think there house is cursed by evil and ghosts roam about during the night. Whatever your reason for wanting to do away with the noise caused by copper pipes expanding and then rubbing against their fixtures a simple solution is available. Pipes should simply be covered in felt covered in glue. Cover the areas of the pipes that come into contact with the fittings and no more nightmares.

Some people are troubled by the clanging metallic noise made whenever they throw their dishes and cutlery into the stainless steel sink. A quick solution is to stop throwing your dishes around however if this does not solve the problem why not remove the sink entirely. Once it is removed you can then spray expanding foam in the space between the two basins. This will go some way to deadening the horrendous noise.

We Can’t Stop Now; Here are Even More Plumbing Tips

Put your vacuum in the toilet. This may sound foolish and it will actually destroy most vacuums but if you happen to be in the minority who own a wet/dry vacuum you can drain your toilet with it. This might aid in the removal of objects from the now vacant bowl. When you need to remove the U-bend from below your sink first use a sink plunger. This will force out the water from the U-bend and make it easier to perform any job without so much mess because the pressure will have moved the excess water away from the plunger.

A final plumbing tip is to purchase a wire and pipe detector. This avoids the problem of accidently hammering into a cable or pipe when performing DIY work.



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