Simple Guidance for You in Choosing the Best Garage Exhaust Fan

Fresh air equals a healthy life. Dust, unwanted odors, excess moisture or heat can cause serious harm to people as well as to objects in the building.

The garage is one of the places the quality of air in which should be taken especially seriously. The buildup of toxic fumes can badly influence the health of the owner causing fatigue and allergies while excessive heat or humidity can bring damage to the content of a garage.

Many homeowners do not consider exhaust fans to be an essential part of their automotive garage. Yet, these appliances are proven to be a powerful way to keep the air quality safe for both people and the stuff in a garage.

General garage exhaust fan information  

Uncomfortably hot temperature and excessive humidity can be regulated by means of an effective ventilation system such as a fan. Garage exhaust fans are also designed to make sure that toxic fumes and dangerous gases get drawn out of the building.

This type of fans might slightly differ from those which are intended to be used in other parts of the house. Ideally, an exhaust fan that is designated to operate in a garage should be relatively big and tough enough to create a lot of wind power. Large fans are especially needed in the garages that are meant for parking of several cars. Also, those buildings that face west or south will benefit from the improvement of air circulation due to their predisposition to the increase of the air temperature. Mechanical parts of the car get heated while driving and after the vehicle is placed in a garage, metal continues radiating heat. This may cause problems to car owners particularly during hot summer months.  

If you consider installing an exhaust fan in your garage, look through several options carefully since if you happen to buy any badly designed or built product, it will perform poorly. This may be hazardous so planning air circulation with the right ventilation unit for your garage is important, which is why in this article we are going to help you choose the best garage exhaust fan.

How does an exhaust fan work?

Exhaust fans work by sucking humid or hot air from a building and replacing it with fresh air from the outside. The fan is designed in such a way that when the motor places the angled blades into the rotation, they collect stationary air and force it to be evacuated. Following the similar principle, fresh air from the outside environment gets sucked in into the building.

Exhaust fan VS air conditioner

Air quality can make a lot of difference in various premises, be it a residential home, warehouse, shop, greenhouse or a garage. Depending on the type of building and specific works that are carried out in the location, different types of ventilation and temperature regulation are required.

If you want to have fresh air and decrease the inside temperature to the outside level, it’s better to use exhaust fans.

In case your aim is to decrease the air temperature to the degree that is significantly lower than the degree outdoors, air conditioning systems might be more suitable for your building.

Bear in mind that installation costs, maintenance expenditures and energy bills of the air-conditioning system will be much higher when compared to an exhaust fan.

How much a garage exhaust fan costs

Typically, the cost of a garage exhaust fans ranges between $40 and $270 depending on the model, its capacity, and size. More complex vent types will cost more and will require a professional installation at an accordingly higher price.

iLIVING 12-Inch Variable Speed Shutter Exhaust Fan (Wall-Mounted)


● automatic shutters

● variable speed functionality

● corrosion-resistant

● extremely efficient


● speed controller has to be purchased separately


iLIVING Shutter Exhaust Fan comes with a screen in 8 different sizes, from 10 to 36 inches. Reportedly, the most popular model has 12 inches because this size can easily suit any average garage building.

The fan is powerful enough to blow the shutters open when on and when it’s off the shutters automatically close for a tight seal.

Fan guards have corrosion resistant finish and the unit is powered by fully enclosed permanently lubricated and thermally protected motor.

The best part is that this fan comes in both single and variable speed models making it useful for many different scenarios.

According to multiple reviews of the users, iLIVING shatter fan does help save big on the energy bills.

Installation is also a breeze because this shutter fan does not require excessive tools for wall mounting.


We absolutely loved this iLIVING 12-Inch Exhaust Fan. This model is assembled with precision and operates very quietly. The transfer of the airflow is superior so we can easily say that this fan is by far one of the best exhaust fans, which are currently available on the market.

Ease of installation 8/10

Efficiency 9/10

Affordability 8/10

Professional Grade Products 9800516 Metal Shutter Exhaust Fan, 2473 CFM for Garage Shed Pole Barn Hydroponic Ventilation, 18 Inch


● automatic shutters

● adjusts temperature quickly

● corrosion-resistant

● quiet


● power cord can be too short

● the color of the actual product might differ from the color on the photo provided by the manufacturer


This fan can effectively ventilate factories and farm buildings so it will easily manage to regulate airflow even in the heated double or triple car garages.  

Similarly to iLIVING Shutter Exhaust Fan, the shutters close automatically if the fan stops operating.

Installation of this model is pretty much straightforward and should not take more than half an hour. It works very well to move the air and starts regulating temperature very fast after it gets turned on.

It effectively eliminates any undesirable smells, be it exhaust fume odor, toxic paint or cigarette smoke.

The fan is painted for additional protection and it is made to be corrosion resistant.


The fan is quiet but appears to be powerful enough to effectively infiltrate air for a considerable amount of time in large buildings. It has a stylish design and is easy to clean. Professional Grade Products Exhaust Fan is a great quality product and it definitely does its job.

Ease of installation 9/10

Efficiency 9/10

Affordability 7/10

MaxxAir IF14UPS 1400-CFM 14-Inch Blade Heavy-Duty Exhaust Fan with Integrated Shutter (Wall Mounted)


● very powerful

● automatic shutters

● noise is minimal for the amount of air flow


● shutters are lightweight so they might not close completely in some units

● extra care might be required during installation to prevent unnecessary vibration


This exhaust fan is so powerful that it can be used for industrial purposes let alone garages. It can cope with any unwanted odors and hazardous fumes. The fan is fully capable to regulate humidity and level up the temperature inside the building.

The fan has OSHA-compliant features and is thermally protected. The product is meant to be durable so the steel is rust-resistant.

The manufacturer simplified the installation process by including pre-drilled holes in the flange. Shutters are constructed in such a way that the draught can be easily prevented.

It’s designed to be hard-wired so bear in mind that you might need to add additional wires.

It is possible to put an automatic dual temperature and humidity control on the fan.


The fan does a good job pulling air through the garage so we can say that it meets all expectations. It is sturdy, well-crafted and it does make a difference in the temperature and humidity of the building. The model is an excellent choice for industrial type fan at the consumer price level.

Ease of installation 8/10

Efficiency 9/10

Affordability 8/10

Hon&Guan 6-Inch Garage Exhaust Fan with 150mm Opening Ceiling and Wall Mount


● ultra-quiet

● great design

● affordable

● lightweight


● the springs on the exhaust doors could be a little stronger

● the product cannot be connected to a variable fan speed controller


Hon&Guan Garage Exhaust Fan is another popular exhaust fan, which effectively manages heat, humidity and odors in a garage of average size. It manages to draw a lot of air while being very compact and lightweight.

It is made of high-quality durable plastic, which is easy to clean. This model can be distinguished by its ultra-thin front panel and inset screen.

The fan has a built-in backdraft damper, which can prevent insects from getting into the premises.

This ventilation exhaust fan for a garage can be used with rigid as well as flexible ducting and requires a 6-inch duct line.

The motor is made of copper and has such an option as an overheat protection.

The unit is waterproof, which is a great feature for outdoor use. It is suitable for both mounting on the ceiling and fixing on the wall.


Hon&Guan Garage Exhaust Fan is a great product for use in a garage because it works as intended and has an affordable price. It manages to be quiet while displacing a sufficient amount of air. What we liked is the sleek design of this ventilation fan, which is a great bonus in a combination of its power to circulate air.

Ease of installation 9/10

Efficiency 9/10

Affordability 8/10

Garage Exhaust Fan Tips and Hacks

Tip #1 

Depending on the size of your garage, make sure that you choose the exhaust fan with the most suitable diameter. The bigger the blades of the fan are, the more air it will infiltrate.

Tip #2 

If your financial situation allows, try not to save on the exhaust fan. This is a type of product that is meant to be useful to you for years to come. Obviously, you can swap it anytime for something that is more suitable in case you feel that it doesn’t operate as expected. Purchasing a suitable quality unit will be worth every penny and its usage will give you peace of mind. A cheap garage exhaust fan will be more expensive in the long run than a well-made more expensive unit.

Tip #3 

If you tend to warm up your car in the garage, it is better not to vent into the shared space. It is safer to install the exhaust fan in such a way so that the air is moved directly outside. It is also highly advisable to have CO monitor in the garage as a means of warning in case the level of carbon monoxide gets too high.

Garage Exhaust Fan FAQ 

How to install a garage exhaust fan?

Always refer to the manufacturer’s installation instructions, which are included with the product. If something is unclear, contact a specialist to avoid any hazardous consequences of incorrect installation and further usage.

Can I install a garage exhaust fan myself?

The installation of the majority of exhaust fan models is relatively easy and many users can cope with the task without contacting a professional. If you’re in doubt whether you can do all the installation works yourself, consult or ask for help an experienced handyman to do the job for you so that you can be sure of the safety. Many sellers offer the option of telephone consultation if you face difficulties installing their fan.

How cool the garage can get if I will use exhaust fan?

Exhaust fans will not make the temperature inside the building drop lower than the temperature of outdoor air. If you stand on the path of air movement, you might feel that it’s cooler but that’s only because the air blows on the perspired skin and you get the feeling of lower temperature. The garage content will not get cool as much as you feel it so it will take some time for the garage objects to get less heated.


As we can see, the best economical garage ventilation system is based on air circulation, which can be effectively performed by the exhaust fan. Installing of air-conditioning system can be one solution but it is expensive and troublesome. Fortunately, you don’t always need to install AC in order to have fresh air in your garage.

To remove the heat and draw cool air into the building, it is enough to purchase a high-quality professional exhaust fan, which can be just as effective as an air conditioner. We are confident that the exhaust fans in our list are definitely capable of turning your garage from a sweat pot into a breezy space.  



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