house ventilation

7 Questions to Ask about House Ventilation

Ventilation is an extremely important process during which the air exchange in premises occurs. Well-organized ventilation allows securing clear air in the house, normalizing the temperature conditions and preventing the house dampening. The latter is most of all actual for living quarters where the damp is condensed. It is much easier to arrange qualified ventilation in private houses for obvious reasons.

Why is roof vent pretentious?

Providing roof ventilation is properly secured damp will not gather on the roof of the house. It means that the attic will not sweat and fail. Therefore, roof ventilation is an extremely important stage.

About Attic Ventilation

Qualified attic ventilation is an obligatory condition necessary for the performance characteristics of dwelling-house not to be broken. In order for the attic ventilation to be efficient, the roof thermal insulating layer and copestone boarding must secure the free access and elimination of air. This can be achieved by means of installing special floodlight projectors with perforation or by using the molded board with splits between the planks in order to board the copestone. At that if roof pitches are large, it is recommended to form additional air inlets. The surface area of fresh or draft air inlets is calculated in relation to the cross-section area of the ventilation liner. It is also necessary to remember that during the closure of roofing system the person is recommended to use not usual construction foam but special compactors.

Having properly selected the attic ventilation fan and arranged the ventilation system according to the existing building standards, you will get rid of the problems with dampening and spoiling of building isolation and assembly roofies. There are a large number of air exhausters for the attic, including the devices which save sun energy, and other innovation equipment. This innovation equipment differs by the safe electric energy consumption and high productivity.  

Why is ventilation necessary at a private house

Intensive ventilation is an obligatory condition at a private cottage. Modern cottages are built from materials which secure air exchange directly through wall constructions. If the architectural project of the cottage is competently worked out, the natural ventilation system includes numerous ventilation vents and special canals. None the less, natural ventilation systems are oftentimes not enough to guarantee qualified air exchange and support comfortable microclimate.

Bathroom Ventilation

Air exhausters for bathrooms are selected with allowance made for the electric safety (moisture protective equipment whose class is IP-34 or more). In bathrooms it is necessary to install standard air-screw fans which start working when the light is turned on and finish working after the light is turned off. There are ventilators with internal timers. It is possible to set these ventilators for performing according to time. In case you install the ventilator with the internal humidistat in your bathroom, it will automatically turn on when the moisture exceeds the predetermined value. If the ventilation in the bathroom is not sufficient, water steams are condensed on the house walls and objects.

Reasons for Need in Mechanical Ventilation Systems

Natural ventilation systems cannot support qualified air exchange due to a few causes. Unlike town residences, cottages usually have laundries, baths and swimming pools. In addition, winter gardens can be equipped inside private houses. This all can lead to the collection of moisture in areas. In many cases natural ventilation systems cannot vaporize all moisture. This leads to moisture accumulation on the walls, floor and ceiling. This by the same token causes the development of mildew and environment for disease-producing organisms. Another reason for need in additional ventilation in private houses lies in the installation of pressure-proof blocks in window apertures, which makes natural air exchange more difficult.

Measures for Improving Air Exchange at Private Houses

In order for air in a cottage to be fresh and clean, different types of mechanical ventilation systems are often installed at private houses. One of the principal tasks of mechanical ventilations systems lies in supporting comfortable air temperature inside areas. Mechanical and natural ventilation systems are often combined in one functional unit. The construction of ventilation systems installed at private houses is determined upon the development of the construction project. At this stage, specialists plan the power of ventilation systems, types of filters to equip ventilators to with and necessity of using additional devices for air clearance.

Peculiarities of Ventilation Systems Installation at Reconstructed Houses

If a ventilation system is installed in a reconstructed house during major repairs and the house is fitted with ventilation shafts, it is necessary to proportion the power and intensity of the installed equipment with the opportunities of these shafts. The calculation of required ventilation system power is performed by ventilation system designers with the use of special formulae. Designers are required to be extremely competent and experienced.