Dayton Fan Forced Wall Heaters

Dayton Fan Forced Wall Heaters Review

Dayton fan forced wall heaters are mainly produced in large sizes and provide electrically powered heating for office premises, game rooms, reception rooms, family rooms or other light-duty residential and commercial areas. These electric wall heaters are equipped with an integral thermostat, so it’s no necessity in a supplementary separate thermostat. These wall heaters also possess a built-in power disconnect switch to ensure users’ safety during the maintenance process. An optional surface frame can be used to provide a surface mounted option.

Electric Wall Heater, Shallow Recessed or Surface, 120VAC, Watts 1000
Electric Wall Heater, Shallow Recessed or Surface, 120VAC, Watts 1000

Here are some important facts about Dayton wall heaters:

Specification Requirements

The heating set contains an electric automatic fan and forced-air heater available for heating of large areas. The design of a wall heater corresponds to wall mounting, recessed or surface application.

Heater Assembly

The heater assembly kit, packed into the backbox, includes a fan panel with all the heater’s operational parts mounted upon its surface.

Heating Element

The heating element has a non-glowing design and includes an 80/20 nickel-chromium resistance wire, wrapped by a steel sheath with copper brazed plate fins.

Fan and Motor

The fan has five blades and is made of aluminum. The fan motor is fully enclosed.

Fan Delay Switch

The fan control refers to the bi-metallic, snap-action type. It activates fan after the heating element meets the requirements of the operating temperature. The fan starts its workflow after the thermostat is satisfied and until the heating element becomes cool.


The thermostat is made of a tamper-proof, bi-metallic, and snap-action type with all attached contacts.

Thermal Cutout

The thermal cutout is an integral part of the system which is intended to turn off the heater in case of over-heating.

Disconnect Switch

This is a double-pole single-throw disconnect switch that should be installed on the backbox, and later it should be fully hidden behind the front grid panel.


This should be a recessed rough-in box for both frame and masonry installations. In surface mounting installations it should have a surface mounting frame.

Front Panel

The front panel refers to the bar grille type and is made of 16-gauge cold-rolled steel. It is welded into the uniform grille with a baked enamel finishing. The front grille is enclosed into a decorative satin-finished aluminum “picture” frame.

Three Piece Design

The Dayton wall heater set contains a back box, an assembly kit, and a front panel.

When buying a Dayton wall heater at Amazon, you are sure to receive all its components without any drawbacks or delays.



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