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Dimplex Wall Heaters Innovative Solutions

The Dimplex Company refers to one of the most quickly developing wall heater manufacturers. Striving for comfortable and highly efficient homes, they have recently developed a wide specter of innovative solutions applied for the fan-forced and convection residential Dimplex wall heaters:

  • Heat Solutions: innovative heat solutions; new levels of energy efficiency; wireless installation and possibility to control multiple heaters from one device.
  • Room Solutions: new designs for kitchen and bath; living and sleeping solutions; entry and garage designs.
  • Single-zone and multi-zone heating.
  • Dimplex CONNEX™ wireless technology: new levels of comfort, control, and efficiency.

The opportunities offered to the potential customers by these solutions are simply immense. The process of home heating becomes both easy and efficient based on comfort concerns.

Fan-Forced Wall Heaters

Dimplex Fan Forced Wall Heater
Dimplex Fan Forced Wall Heater

These heaters are intended for fast and powerful bursts of heat in cool areas that you desire to heat temporally. The main innovative characteristics of the fan-forced heaters include the following:

  • Compact Design

These heaters are designed in a compact shape that saves space and meets the requirements of heating and installation processes.

  • Powerful Heat

The fan-forced heaters are distinguished by their fast and powerful workflow. They perfectly suit the low traffic home areas, such as workshops or laundry rooms. Due to a sensor system, such heaters react on the traffic through the entrance door and quickly heat the room to the required temperature.

  • Installation Flexibility

There is a fool range of installation possibilities especially developed to meet the heating demands of the customers. There are available recessed and surface-mounted designs as well as new construction and retrofit projects.

Convection Wall Heaters

Dimplex Convection Wall Heater
Dimplex Convection Wall Heater

These heaters are well-known for their silent operation. They are perfectly suitable for bedrooms living spaces. Natural air streams are used for heat circulation inside the room without any moving parts. Some of the important characteristics are the following:

  • Innovative Design

Dimplex offers a new innovative type of Linear Convection Heaters. Their smart design combines both a compact size of panel convectors and inconspicuous baseboard location. As a result, such a brand new design offers up to 42% of space-saving and 40% faster airflow.

  • Energy Efficiency

The built-in electronic thermostat ensures a high level of personal comfort and energy efficiency.

  • Silent Heat

Dimplex convection heaters obtain no moving parts, so their workflow is absolutely silent.

Innovative Dimplex solutions are smartly proposed by Amazon in their full range and variety.



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