Empire Wall Heaters

Empire Wall Heaters Review

The Empire Company provides its customers with a wide range of up-to-date innovative technologies. The variety of available options can satisfy any possible requirements. All the Empire wall heaters can be divided according to the implemented technologies and application purposes.

One of the benefits provided by the Empire gas-fired wall heaters is their operability during the power outages. When choosing a suitable system it is necessary to consider the following factors:

  • Amount of the required heat.
  • Desirable efficiency.
  • Heater location.
  • Local codes.

Empire Innovative Technologies:

1. Residential Zone Heating

Residential Zone Heating

This smart solution permits the homeowners to turn off the central heater and heat only those rooms that are frequently used. Such a system saves energy costs and prevents heat losses. All heat produced in the room is projected directly into the same room.

2. Vent-Free System

Vent-Free System

This system involves room air to keep combustion inside a pure burning blue-flame or radiant-plaque device. It is 99.9% efficient and provides almost all perceived heat energy into the room. All the vent-free heaters are equipped with the ODS (Oxygen Depletion Sensor) system which ensures safety in case of a dangerous oxygen level in the room. In such situations, the heater is automatically turned off. Vent-free wall heaters are considered to be a supplemental heating source and cannot be operated as a primary one. Prior to the installation of such heaters, please, check their correspondence to the local codes and invite a professional technician to advise.

3. Direct-Vent System

Direct-Vent System

A DV wall heater is usually mounted on the outside wall. It possesses a vent-within-a-vent system that takes in the outdoor air to keep the combustion going, and emits the exhaust products to the outdoors. The venting cap is usually mounted on the home’s outside wall. DV wall heaters are known as the most efficient devices among the vented heaters while they do not use the heated room air for combustion support. They are mainly used as a primary heat source.

4. B-Vent System

B-Vent System

B-vent wall heaters use the inner room air for combustion support and emit the exhaust products to the outdoors through a single pipe. Such heaters are easy to install at any place that has constant access to the fuel source and the possibility to mount a vent going via the roof. B-vent heaters are considered to be the perfect alternative to wood or oil stoves which are at present totally inefficient. B-vent heating devices are operated as a primary source of heat and are somewhat less efficient compared to the VF and DV systems because they use the already-heated room air for combustion support.

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