Qmark Electric Wall Heaters

Qmark Wall Heater Reviews

Qmark is one of the most popular and trustworthy companies in the territory of the United States. This company produces a wide spectrum of infrared, radiant and electric wall heaters intended for industrial, commercial and residential usage. An average Qmark wall heater can have a lot of design variations, such as inconspicuous heaters required for the concealed installations, garage or baseboard heaters, and many other interesting and challenging options.

The main types of Qmark wall heaters are the following:

Architectural Digital Wall Heaters

SSAR Architectural SmartSeries

These heaters feature the best contemporary design in combination with smart technologies; touch-activated control and energy-saving heating solutions.

Architectural Heavy-Duty Wall Heaters

Architectural Heavy-Duty Wall Heater - AWH Series

These heaters are intended for commercial and industrial use in any required place and are characterized by fast recovery and high capacity benefits.

Architectural Fan-Forced Wall Heaters

Commercial Fan-Forced Wall Heater

These models will suit any small area and low traffic use. They provide quick heat response, versatility, and compact, space-saving design.

Digital Programmable Wall Heaters

Marley HT1502SS Qmark Residential Smart Series Heater

These are HT Smart wall heaters useful for heating of small restricted spaces. Digital heaters offer quick heat response, programmable touch screen, and built-in thermostat advantages.

High Out-Put Digital Wall Heaters

Qmark Type SSC Smart Series - High Output Digital Commercial

These heaters refer to the smart series. They heat only those spaces which temporarily require heating. This helps to save energy. These heaters also provide а connection to building management systems.

Economy Wall Heaters

Qmark COS-E Series Forced-Air Wall Heater

These heaters refer to a supplementary heat source. They possess recessed or surface mounted installations. These models feature quiet workflow, absence of venting and ducting systems, front-mounted thermostat, and removable safety grill.

Residential Fan-Forced Zonal Wall Heaters

Residential Fan-Forced Zonal Wall Heater - COS-E Series

These are universal devices suitable for any room usage. They feature a quick-response coil element, three-piece construction, European design, and dual protection system.

Commercial Fan-Forced Wall Heaters

Commercial Fan-Forced Wall Heater - CWH3000 Series

These heaters are suitable as a supplementary source of heating for any light-duty residential or commercial premises.

Fan-Forced Wall Heaters

Qmark Fan-Forced Wall Heater 1500W

These models contain recessed or surface mounted design. They feature a silent, tangential blower perfectly used for smooth airflow with minimal noise.

Euro Style Wall Heaters

Qmark 1125W/1500W Euro Style Convection Wall Heater

These models can be used in any premises; obtain recessed and surface mounted designs; provide both convection and radiant heating; possess contemporary styling that features soft edges without any sharp corners.

Electric Fan-Forced Wall Heaters

Electric Wall Heaters

The wall heaters of this type are used in small rooms, such as bedrooms or bathrooms. They feature adjustable wattage, open coil element, and a tangential blower without moving parts, and dual protection.

All types of Qmark smart wall heaters are now accessible at Amazon.com.



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