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Many homeowners are constantly looking for ways to heat their houses or apartments as efficiently as possible. Using the conventional heating methods inevitably leads to running up considerable bills, so oftentimes, the only obvious way of saving money on heating is simply turning it off. However, this way is far from ideal, as you don’t really want to spend the evenings in a cold, unwelcoming environment after a tough day at work.

If this dilemma sounds familiar to you, you might want to consider getting a couple of propane wall heaters for your home. These heaters are very efficient and can even be transported from one room to another, minimizing heat losses and enabling you to use a single unit to heat several rooms. In this review we are going to take a closer look at the best rated propane wall heaters that can bring warmth to your home without breaking the bank.

General Propane Wall Heaters Information

Propane Wall Heaters Uses

Propane wall heaters can be used to supplement the central heating, or even be a main source of heating in mild climates. You can also use them to heat rooms and spaces which don’t have any central heating units in them, or to temporarily provide warmth in the garage as you work on something there.

The benefits of using a propane wall heater as compared to many other heating methods include portability, wide availability, safety, and efficiency. In addition, these units run on propane (as you’ve likely figured out based on their name) and use it very sparingly, which makes them a lot more environmentally friendly than many other heating methods.

How Do Propane Wall Heaters Work

Propane wall heaters are typically installed on walls or other suitable vertical surfaces, so they don’t take up any floor space. To turn a propane wall heater on, you need to ignite it with a pilot light from below, so bear that in mind when you choose where to install it.

Most propane wall heaters rely on heating coils to produce the warmth. The coils are warmed by the burning propane, and the unit radiates heat into its environment. Propane wall heaters are generally quite safe, but it is still recommended to keep them away from curtains, paper, and anything else that could be inflamed, as well as allow some free space around the units for safer distribution of warmth.

Are There Different Types of Propane Wall Heaters?

Most propane wall heaters have rather similar construction, but there is one major difference that divides them into two camps: vent free and vented. Vented propane wall heaters are typically more affordable, and they get rid of the propane used for the heating by venting it outside. Depending on your living conditions, you can choose a model that comes with a special vent pipe that can be used to direct exhaust gases outside without damaging the walls of your house. Alternatively, you can choose to vent the gases directly through the wall on which the heater is mounted, which obviously requires more effort and careful planning before mounting the unit.

You can avoid the outside ventilation problem altogether by going for a wall mounted ventless propane heater. Vent free heaters solve the exhaust gases problem by releasing them directly into the environment around them. This may sound unsafe and potentially damaging to human health, but modern vent free propane wall heaters only release minimal amounts of propane into the room they’re heating, so they’re safe to use in the conditions of an average home or apartment. In addition, the vent free models are more efficient than the vented ones, and don’t require as much effort to install.

Mr Heater 30,000 BTU Propane Wall Heater


This propane wall heater is going to work great as a complementary source of warmth for your home. It can emit up to 30,000 BTUs of radiant heat, so it can complement your main heating system in larger spaces, or be the main heat source in a small room. The unit is equipped with blowers to make sure that the heat is distributed safely and evenly.

Mr Heater propane wall heaters have a reputation for being high quality products that deliver a great performance for the price, and this mid-range model is no exception. The 30,000 BTU model is ventless, so you won’t have to worry about finding a way for exhaust gases to be taken outside – just make sure that the area where your wall heater is mounted is ventilated properly.

These Mr Heater units are very safe, featuring a modern piezo ignition system that’s powered by a battery. In addition, the outer surface of the heater stays cool to the touch, making it safe for children and pets that might accidentally come into contact with it.


Mr. Heater Propane Wall Heater pros and cons

If you’re looking for a compact, feature-packed propane wall heater, than this could be the model for you! It’s safe, efficient, easy to mount, and you can’t complain about its price, either.

PROCOM MG10HBF 10,000 BTU Propane Wall Heater


Getting a Procom propane wall heater is always a good idea if you’re looking for an affordable product that will keep you warm in winter. The MG10HBF model is a powerful little heater with a bunch of very useful features.

This wall heater has the piezo ignition system, which only requires you to press a button to start the heater. This is very convenient and makes the unit a lot safer than the older models with the pilot light system. In addition, this propane wall heater from Procom has a special sensor to measure the amount of oxygen in the air around it. If there’s too little oxygen, the heater will automatically shut down.

Finally, there are five different temperature settings at which this heater can function, so you can always find one that suits the size of your room and your temperature preferences.


PROCOM Propane Wall Heater pros and cons

This Procom wall heater is going to work great for smaller spaces where every square inch is valuable. It may not be the best solution for large rooms, but there are similar Procom models with higher BTU output that you can consider for a larger area.

Rinnai EX22CWP Wall Mounted Propane Heater


There’s no going wrong with the EX22CWP model from Rinnai if you’re looking for a propane wall heater to keep a large space warm. An ideal fit for living rooms and home offices, this wall mounted heater provides a great mix of performance, safety, and design. You won’t have to struggle with trying to place your new wall heater in the room without ruining the overall design because Rinnai propane wall heaters tend to look great, and so does this one.

You’ll be fully in control of the temperature in your room with the LED assisted temperature controls that even have memory to store your preferred settings. Another useful feature is the economy mode, which all0ws the unit to keep working for hours without using up too much propane. Finally, the child safety lock and always cool external surface make sure that this wall heater will not do any harm to your little ones and pets.


A solid performer with all the right features, this propane wall heater is your best choice for larger areas if you don’t mind the price.

Empire 10,000 BTU Propane Wall Heater


This propane wall heater is once again a smaller model that won’t cost you a fortune, yet comes with a number of handy features. It may not fit into your minimalistic living room design as well as our previous entry, but it doesn’t look bad either. The heater can be mounted on a wall or stood on the floor, and it’s available in both propane and natural gas using models, so it’s really versatile.

Just like most other Empire propane wall heaters, this one has an oxygen depletion sensor and offers the auto shutdown feature, making it very safe and suitable for living spaces. The temperature controls are manual and very easy to use even for someone who is not very good with tech. The heater is ventless and requires no electricity to work, which means that you can install it anywhere as long as the area is not too crowded with furniture and other objects.


This small and versatile unit can be very helpful in just about any household during winter time. It’s also economic and affordable, making it extra budget-friendly.

Dyna-Glo BF10PMDG 10,000 BTU Propane Wall Heater


For customers looking for a propane wall heater on the budget side of things, this little unit from Dyna-Glo is probably one of the best solutions. Similarly to our previous entry, this propane wall heater can be mounted on a wall or left to stand on the floor (for the latter option, you’ll have to purchase base legs separately). This, combined with its compact design and independency from electricity outlets, makes it very flexible in terms of operating in all kinds of indoor spaces.

If you’re only looking to purchase propane wall heaters with thermostat and blower features, don’t just write off this unit yet, because there is a wall heater fan for Dyna-Glo products that can be purchased separately to make your heater function more effectively in larger spaces. As to the thermostat, it’s already there, allowing you to quickly dial down or increase your preferred temperature settings for the heater.


Admittedly, this propane wall heater may lack some features that we’ve seen in all previous models on our list, but it makes up for that with its versatility and affordable price.

Propane Wall Heaters Tips and Hacks

Tip #1

Make sure to only consider wall mounted propane heaters that come with an auto shutdown feature. This is a small feature that can make a lot of difference in terms of safety. Auto shutdown will take care of your heater if you fall asleep or leave the room without turning off the unit.

Tip #2

Safe as they may be, propane heaters still utilize a gas, which requires some safety measures on your part. Make sure to check whether your heater is working properly on a regular basis, because otherwise it may start producing a lot more carbon monoxide than it normally would.

Also, it is a good idea to install a carbon monoxide detector in the room with a wall mounted propane heater, especially if you use it quite frequently. Finally, don’t leave your heater on unattended, which includes turning it off for the night even if it has the automatic shutdown function.

Tip #3

When choosing a spot to install your propane wall heater, try to place it out of the way, so it doesn’t accidentally come into contact with furniture, clothes, and other objects. Ideally, it should also be out of reach for small children and pets. Don’t use the surface of the heater to dry clothes and be sure to have some free space around the unit to achieve better warmth distribution and minimize the chances of something going wrong.

Propane Wall Heaters FAQ

How much propane do propane wall heaters use?

An average propane wall heater will be able to produce the heat equivalent of 100,000 BTUs running on a single gallon (4.2 lbs) of propane. Based on how powerful and efficient your propane wall heater is, it will be able to run anywhere between one and five hours on one gallon of propane.

Who repairs propane wall heaters?

Propane wall heaters are not very complicated units and can often be repaired at home as long as you have the necessary tools and minimal experience with them. If you are not very handy or if the problem seems to be serious, you can try looking online for a professional propane wall heater repairman in your area. If your search yields no results, you could try consulting a local electrician or appliance repair service  about your propane water heater.

How to clean the burner on a propane wall heater?

Cleaning the burner in a propane wall heater is a fairly complicated procedure, and we recommend that you let professionals clean the burner of your unit. However, you can clean the inside of the burner on your own. To do that, you need to take off the external cover of the unit and gently clean it with a vacuum cleaner hose (use a small brush attachment if you have one).

How to properly vent a home for ventless propane wall heaters?

If you have a vent free propane wall heater, you need to make sure that the room or area heated by the unit is ventilated on a regular basis. If your heater functions in a small room, you may want to open the window from time to time to get some fresh air in there. In case of larger areas, this measure should not be necessary, but it’s still a good idea to make sure that there is some air flow in and out of the room.

How safe are vent free propane wall heaters?

Ventless propane wall heaters may sound like a terrible idea, but they’re actually very safe and can be used in all kinds of rooms and spaces. Of course, you still need to be reasonably careful around it, but as long as it’s away from anything easily flammable and not in contact with any physical objects, your unit is hardly more dangerous than a central heating radiator.


We hope that our review helps you choose the best propane wall heater to use in your home, garage, or craft shed. We recommend the Mr Heater 30,000 BTU model for most use cases, the Rinnai EX22CWP model for larger rooms, and the Dyna-Glo BF10PMDG model for households on a tight budget or those willing to try out propane wall heaters without investing much.

If you still have a question left unanswered or you think that we left out a great propane wall heater model, feel free to contact us through the comment form below!

Ted CurleyJourneymen wiremen at US Electric-International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW)

Hello, I'm Ted Curley, a licensed electrician with a wealth of experience in the electrical field. I've recently joined this platform as a contributor to share my extensive knowledge and insights with you. My journey in the electrical field spans over a decade, during which I have cultivated a deep understanding and expertise in various roles. Let me take you through my journey and my passion for electricity and space heaters.

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